The Magic Hat. {poetry}

In a run-down town where all the people frown,
Lived a tired old mom who always looked down.

She loved her kids with all her might,
But something inside didn’t feel right.

Her heart was full with the family she loved.
But there was no room left for what she dreamed of.

Instead, her days drowned in chores and tasks
Do this, Do that, and wear happy masks.

She wasted her days picking up crumbs.
Until her face was crabby, and her heart was numb.

She did laundry, cooked dinner and washed all the dishes.
And along with the dirt, rinsed all of her wishes.

The wishes were washed so far in the distance,
She forgot what they were, and that they even existed.

But every problem is solved in most unexpected places.
When left to the law of divine graces.

So in this story, it just so happened
To be a day when her heart was especially dampened.

She noticed a squirrel, running and dancing
swirling around tree trunks, jigging and prancing.

They locked eyes, the squirrel was not afraid.
They both knew a connection had been made.

In that one little look, that one transaction,
A seed was planted for future satisfaction.

And just in that moment, as quick as a wink,
The squirrel knew the issue without having to think.

One little something he could easily do
to keep the old mom from feeling so blue.

The very next morning at 6 o’clock
The squirrel scaled the house, and started to knock.

At mommy’s window he tapped and tapped and tapped
But the poor little mommy wanted to nap, nap, nap.

But the squirrel was persistent, and wouldn’t let up.
No way she could sleep, she had to get up.

She followed the sound, the rat-a-tat-click.
And it led her straight up to her attic.

And there, with a smile befitting the king of the world,
On a box, in the corner, stood a very smug squirrel.

The squirrel tapped his foot, and it swirled his tail.
He wouldn’t stop grooving, until his will would prevail.

“Look! Look! Looky here!” seemed to say the squirrel.
“It’s something you’ve had since you were a young girl.”

The mom was sleepy, and a little bit miffed.
There was nothing from childhood she could think that she missed.

“Open it!” said the squirrel with a click and a clack.
“Open it now! You’ll see what you lack.”

Now the mom was a skeptic. She wouldn’t believe it.
She paused for a second before going to retrieve it.

The path to the box was cluttered with dreams.
Boxes of trophies, and thin skinny jeans.

Also bags under eyes, and grandma’s old quilts
And other reminders of all her past guilts.

She went to the box, and opened the lid.
Under an old newspaper something was hid.

A pointy old hat, that sparkled and glowed.
The second she saw it, a tiny tear flowed.

She stared at the hat in sheer disbelief.
And for the first time in years, sighed a sigh of relief.

The hat it was colorful, with stripes, stars and spots.
With lots of blank spaces to fill in the dots.

She lifted it up, put the hat on her head.
And her whole body tingled and her face flushed red.

A fire ignited, her body got hot.
Flowing with dreams the poor mom had forgot.

The surge of excitement was a little bit frightening.
But she couldn’t resist the new surge of lightning.

Visions of dancing, and stories and singing.
Her heart fluttered with joy and it started its winging.

And the happier she got, the more in the flow,
The higher and higher the hat would grow.

One pointy pinnacle shooting to the sky.
Now that she found it, she really could fly.

With that one magic hat, her spirits grew.
And the poor old mom became young and new.


KariErkkilaThe Magic Hat is a true story about Kari Erkkila, a mom who neglected her sense of wit and whimsy to be a parent. This is the first piece of writing she has submitted since finding her magic hat. So who knows what other creative adventures will flow in the future? Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to find out.


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