The Hardest Law There Is.

I strongly believe in the Universal Law of Reflection.

It’s very hard to understand for many people, because we often take the easy way and think that outer circumstances or people are responsible for our well-being, happiness and development.

Before I started to really feel and live through the Law of Reflection, I went through serious inner conflicts. They are still there until today, and sometimes I just want to blame somebody and gossip to release the anger, which certainly exists. But even if I do it, I know that it’s just a step backwards.

I’m aware of every word which is leaving my mouth, and I simultaneously know the solution. Let me list a few examples, which made/make me feel conflicted:

  • How is it possible that somebody is as unconscious and blind?
  • How can I still attract men like that one?
  • How is it possible that my friend doesn’t get me?
  • How can it be that this certain situation is again in my life?
  • Why isn’t he/she just accepting…?

So those questions are just a few bigger ones which always made me think about life, about myself and my development. Today I’m aware enough to admit the un-admittable, because the only solution is, in my opinion, to direct the questions which are bothering us and triggering anger, to ourselves.

  • How is it possible that I’m as unconscious and blind?
  • Why am I still accepting to reflect myself in men like that one?
  • How is it possible that I don’t get my own self?
  • Why do I still create this certain situation in my life again?
  • Why don’t I just accept…?

Sometimes I want to climb walls, just not to ask myself any of these kinds of questions. But the path means the acceptance of ourselves as everything and nothing at the same time. Being on the divine path means accepting our power to heal and to destroy everything in our lives.

Once we understand and experience the Universal Law of Reflection, we just can’t be angry, blame or hate somebody, if we’re not carrying anger, hatred and self-blame within ourselves.

If I simply look into the mirror — look deeply into my own eyes — what do I see? It’s really hard to look at myself for too long, and to see what’s within and face myself, if I don’t reflect the version of myself that I love.

The Universal Law of Attraction forces us to go back and think about our huge responsibility for the whole universe. I know clearly that I’m responsible for everything in my life, and I also know that if I meet unpleasant situations or people, it’s a reflection of my own.

If it’s something that I classify as incredibly beautiful, I know that it’s a part of me which reflects this beauty. If it’s something that I classify as horrible, I also know (fucking hard to admit though) that it’s a part of me which reflects this ugly situation or manipulation. The reflections of my own self everywhere are here to teach me.

The Universe gives 100% of support for you to choose the optimal way.

The way we go, and everything that happens in our lives, is exactly what we have chosen.

Sometimes I’m pissed off by my family or my friends, because it seems to me as if they wouldn’t understand me and it truly makes me angry. It feels like they’re all living with eyes closed and I, as a red-blooded empath, see all the answers.

I scan through their language and thoughts, and just want to show them what I’ve found, to ease their pain. And for the first few moments, the anger slowly flows as I blame them for being so insensitive and so apathetic for their own lives. Then, after these moments pass, I start to calm down and ask myself the questions above.

And yes, all I want is to throw away my brain, and just make a triple-back-somersault into self-pity and accusations. It’s impossible though, we know too much if we are reflecting back all of the unpleasant questions we’d like to direct to outer circumstances or other people.

When I have to go through tough dating experiences, which is already familiar to me, all I want is to go home with a bottle of red wine and cry my eyes out, asking myself the whole night “Why did it happen again?”

And right there, time stops… and the answers are “because you let it happen,” “because a part of you is him,” “because you need this experience to grow,” “because you obviously didn’t learn a lesson the last time.”

Being self-aware and sensitive about our own life is the biggest curse and the biggest blessing.

To me, it feels as if the Universal Law of Reflection would be the greatest wisdom that I’ve come across. I couldn’t be more grateful as I’m learning so fast and so much about myself, my borders, my zone of control, my power, my anger, and my incredible strength to convert everything to happiness, gratitude and love.

I try to take a look at myself as often as I can. I stare into my own eyes, and try to see myself with all my endless flaws, beauties, strengths and weaknesses. There’s a need for courage to see oneself fully, to accept the endless power and, at times, the hopeless helplessness. Both are states that are a part of our lives.

All we can control is our own reactions to everything that happens to us. And all we can control is to choose if we want to reflect ourselves like that in this or that situation, or even more importantly, in a person.

If we, for example, don’t like a certain relationship, there’s only one way to decide if we just walk away or dare to face ourselves. If we see ourselves in each and every part of our lives, we can choose between all the reflections of our own and decide if we like those reflections or not.

We can choose which reflections we want to accept and which we don’t. What a power is given to us, see?

The Universal Law of Reflection is the most powerful experience and insight there is. It has a healing and destroying power. But if it heals us, it means we’re stronger than we ever have been. And if it destroys, then it means we have another lesson to learn. Either way, it’s great, because with every lesson we become stronger and better.

Sometimes, we choose a different way, and we reject accepting the reflections of ourselves. But I know that each one of us is a loving soul with best intentions, with great ideas, a helping hand and a huge heart.

Which reflections do you accept in your life?


OlgaChirkovaOlga Chirkova was born in St. Petersburg and moved to Germany when she was nine. She believes there is no journey which is more difficult than the journey to your own true nature. It can be hard, painful, confusing, but it’s worth it. It is the most beautiful and honest journey there is. Come with her on the journey on her blog.


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