One More Song. {poetry}

“Deny me bread, air, light, or spring, but never your laughter for I would die.” ~ Pablo Neruda

Today I sing one more song for you

That reaches your beautiful blue eyes.

They stare at me with the loveliest of loves

And the most unraveled of passions

With the deepest of sadness

And the most immense happiness.

Your eyes that inspire thousands of words.

And are the key to a spirit that has given me mine.

And my soul gets thirsty again

Since your eyes stay with me

But are not with me tonight.


Today I sing one more song for you

How can my lips forget the taste of yours?

How can I wake up and not be tangled up

In your hair all messed up on my pillow?

How can the cold morning

Warm up without your body?

As nights without you are like a desert road.

It is an ambush to my memory

That just wants to look at you.


Today I sing one more song for you

As my tears blur my vision once again

To think I won’t wake up with you.

And I’ll miss the warmth of your back

Pressed against my chest

As we fill every space left

Between our pristine white sheets.

Remember how we invented love

Every morning and every evening.

And how we slowly succumbed to our sleep

Or to our deep desires and immense emotions.

As we made love like animals with a soul

Because we could touch each other’s.

I remember heating up

As we unwrapped our ardent lust

In a mélange of arms, legs, and hands

Barely distinguishable by their hue.

I spoke a few words

And heard many moans

That got muted

When our lips sealed together

In the most improbable of kisses.


Today I sing one more song for you

As the poet cries again

When he is heard across the world.

Since the thoughts of you

Are engraved all over his heart

Now sore with the need of you.

Your name is always present

In every dream and every vigil,

In every song and every breath,

In every second I’m alive.

Because love is just a word

That is not enough to say how much

I crave the sound of your voice.

Your voice that rings in my ears

Like the strongest of all songs

Where the violet hummingbird

Stays alive just for us.

And your words and mine

Resonate in every room

That make any home feel like a

Warehouse without you.

Without your smell that woke up

My manhood and my heart

With a simple glimpse at your smile.

Without you, a house is just a box

And the world is just a rock.


Today I sing one more song for you

Because I can’t be next to you

To fulfill your dreams today.

But thinking of each other

Is a part of every day.

And your eyes and your kiss

And your body and your words

And your touch and your smell.

Because I can’t bear how much

I miss you, I desire you, and crave you

I dream of you.

Since I’ve gotten so used to you

The nights are getting colder

And the days are darker

As the light of your presence

Is what I need with me tonight.


Today I sing one more song for you

My pain is loud

And my heartache deafens.

As I can’t hear your sweet voice

To make my morning sweat

And to make my body smile

As I imagine the night with you

And can’t without you.

With a passion that brought

My heart to a stop

And my mind to wonder

How I ever

Made you love me

As you make love to me

Tonight with my words

That’s all I’ve got.

I try to give you peace

And serenity to your life.

I will love you forever

I will need you forever

I will be with you forever

And I wish this was not


Just one more song for you.


LuisLlamasLuis Llamas is an unpublished poet, an engineer, technologist, traveler, investment aficionado, road cyclist, amateur runner, gadget geek, and beginner photographer, in no particular order.


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