You Did Not Come Here To Detach From What You Love Most. {poetry}

You did not come here to detach from what you love most.

You have come here to learn the wisdom that comes from fully expressed attachment.

Living each moment as both the seeker and the key.

When it is time to release,

That is when the truth rains on the pathway to cleansing.

There is no use in trying before, and no deciding to act only when it is convenient.

She is asking us to remember.

A gift of the human condition is the presence of pleasure.

To remember, what it is to fully embody yourself as a human.

We are looking outside of ourselves.

We are looking above, when perhaps the portal is simply within.

Or below, where we have come from.

Remembering, before we are to surpass.

You, who lingers in the foreseeable future, instead of savoring.

You, who believes that your human longings are a curse.

She has come to tell us that surrender is not found through the detaching

Of all desire, of all humanly emotion, of the fire-passion that fuels an air-sparse world

She is here to tell the remembering story,

That the infinite source of love is accessed through the fullest expression of what is commonly known as attachment.

Attachment at its pure form is non-dependent.

It is a serving way of living life to the fullest.

Give all, embody desire, and feel fully.

You, who stuffs and molds and twists and forms to steer from your yearning,

Please, do not continue this cycle.

When there is no balance, there is only explosion.

Where there are no limits to emotion, there is no limit to accessing Her love.

The obstacle comes in the letting in.

But before we can let in, we must let go,

Of all the constrictions, confinements and contrast,

To feel, there, where it hurts.

Because where there is pain, where there is raw, authentic emotion,

There is the ability to transmute into love.

Love is not hollow.

Love is not the echo of a detached transmutation of higher consciousness.

Some will say, that attachment does not serve the release.

She says, You will know when it is time.

You will know.

But now, until the desire is gone or stops being of service,

Take care not to confuse this cessation for the fear of unworthiness.

You will know.

Do not live in fear of your own expression, she says.

Your humanity is your gift.

Your humanity will save the earth.

Your humanity will save you.

Attach and open completely, feel everything, and when it is done, feel that as well.

Allow your hollowness to be filled with Her longing.

The earth’s yearning for freedom,

To cry for your Self is to cry for the earth.

She who needs your tears as the nourishment for the attachment reunion.

She who yearns for your emotional openness.

Attach fully, she cries.

And when it is time,

Surrender all of your pain unto me.

And you will gift your Self,

A beauty that can no longer be confined.


EmmaElisabethEmma Elisabeth is the She behind SheWhoSpeaks. She writes as a channel for the Divine Feminine, serving to illuminate the collective forgotten through her musings of the shadowed heart. You may find her journaling in red ink, tapping her witch roots through ritual, or grounding through a nourishing meal.


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