Surrendering To The Warrior Circle Within.

I have been a fighter since the day I was born.

My mother would tell you that even in childbirth I gave her a fight, as she wears the battle scars of my miracle of life like a true goddess.

Yet, now as a grown woman who seeks to journey, as opposed to settling into the constructs of a normative white picket fence life, I am often faced with questioning eyes that search for answers as to why a woman my age would continue to find my self-worth in committing to a vow celebrated by a different kind of ring.

For in this kind of sacred circle there are no limits, there are no edges, and there is no ending to the force that can be manifested.

The truth is, those moments of intention and exchange between myself and those who choose to stand for their own virtue are where my wild heart as a free woman gets to truly live. Where I am empowered to confront fear and embrace the ferocity of my own passion and devotion with each bob, weave and step.

This is a place where being afraid requires me to rage against the demons that give me the courage to rise each time that I am knocked down. I have learned through the hardest of knock ways that standing up after each detrimental blow is an opportunity to rise in strength for a cause that is truly great — Me.

In this still place between darkness and light, I do not have to apologize for being the uninhabited woman who has magic in her touch, intuition in her eyes, and a measured breath that exhales for the little girl whose will to survive will never be silenced.

For in this spherical church of humility and grace, I surrender to the warrior within who is stripped down to the primal human condition that finds balance and unity within my divine feminine spirit.

A resurrection of the soul through the creation and flow of energy that purifies the intentions of the heart and heals the scars of vulnerable truths born of a shadowed womb.

Amidst the sacrificial ritual of blood, sweat and tears, I connect with the tempo of my unconquered spirit and the respect I have for the adversary who is willing to share the mystery of their own pursuits of freedom.

As we dance together in this connected exchange of power and control, we instinctively realize that we are not isolated from one another, even in our mistakes. We truly recognize that we are comprised of the wisdom and spirit bestowed by those who have committed to guiding our journey, and that knowledge has led to this moment.

In so doing, we have shed the ego and the hubris that would otherwise separate us from life, circumstances and the very nature that has created our union.

Each time I look into the eyes of the untamed champion before me, my instinct to rise overwhelms the predisposition to run. In so doing, I find truth in the manifestation of a higher consciousness that can only be learned through such acts of fearlessness and uninhibited action.

Each inch of progress forward is a sacrament born of self-love and the commitment to defend the sacredness of the body as much as the wisdom of those promises I hold closest to my heart.

For I am a fighter, with an untethered heart whose fists are bound only by the devotional prayer to never fucking quit until I win.

For it is in those moments of exhaustion where the feet are heavy and the mind is weak, that the will of the wild female heart finds liberation through the unyielding power of desire born of an absolution in love.


VNicoleGodinV. Nicole Godin is a soulful creator of life and art, and a relentless seeker. A warrior goddess, philanthropist, empath and survivor, she is passionate about sharing meaningful conversations of the heart and soul through the timeless language of vulnerable truths. Those who know her well describe her as an inspired badass free spirit whose quest is to live authentically through the beautiful energy of those around her. When she isn’t riding motorcycles, meditating, mentoring or teaching, she is helping others find the strength to rise from within. You may contact Nikki via Instagram or Facebook.


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