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May 17, 2016


Depression: Marauder Of The Mind.

I know now. I know what it is and what it feels like, for lack of a lovelier way of finding out. Sadness is not the same as emptiness. Mind over matter only works with a mind that works too. This is how it feels: One by one, like a leak, things start to fall out of the soul. Hobbies. Family and  ...

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When Did We Lose Our Dreams?

You are always ready to dig deeper, to do that art project, to quit your job and go hiking for six months, to move across the country, to apologize to your beau, to call your estranged parent, to kiss your crush, to dance in public, to read your poems, to start that habit, to ask that person to  ...

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I Am Letting Go.

I must have known before I was born that I am light. I am love and beauty, truth, and wisdom. I must have known. But I forgot. I forgot sometime when I was forming this human body shape in my mother’s womb. My mother who had so much anxiety and fear and insecurity of who she is and where she  ...

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