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It Is Time We Welcome Back All Emotions In Our Body.


Love and happiness, we love to welcome them in our lives. And without any hesitation, we gladly surrender ourselves to them. But if fear, anger or grief shows up on our doorstep, we don’t want to have anything to do with them, and try our best to escape.

Strange… because in the end all these emotions have one thing in common: they are here to help us.

You know that warm feeling in your heart when once it starts, it takes over your whole body? Your eyes glaze over, and the only thing you’re capable of is staring absentmindedly.

When this happens, you  immediately recognize the signs of your body. Intuitively, you recognize the feeling, and you understand that it is love you are feeling.

Usually this feeling hits you out of the blue and, at first, you don’t mind surrendering yourself to it.

It’s the same with happiness. When something happens that you really like, or you hear or see something you love, your body responds instinctively.

Your muscles start to relax, and without even being aware, you start to smile, and a sparkle lights up your eyes. You grasp that whatever is happening now, is right for you.

We understand by feeling

Loving somebody or being happy isn’t something we decide with our head. We feel it. It is our body that sends us signals to tell us this. We feel these signs, we understand what they mean to us, and then we act on them.

We won’t think twice about pushing these feelings of love and happiness away, or to run away from them. Quite the opposite actually, we open the doors of our heart, and welcome them in.

We’re also not too prudish about showing off our love and happiness to others.

But what happens when fear, anger and grief show up on our doorstep? Are we just as happy to welcome them into our lives? Do we stop to listen what they want to tell us? Do we dare to show them to others?

Or do we (and everybody around us) think that isn’t the right thing to do? Why does feeling emotions at that moment suddenly become something weak, not only for women, but even more so for men?

Two sides of the same coin

Fear, anger and grief are, just as love and happiness, part of our basic emotions. They represent two sides of the same coin.

They all have the same purpose: showing us what is happening in our body and what is happening in our life, and if it’s something that is good for us and agrees with who we are in essence.

Welcoming our emotions means letting them flow freely through our body, and really feeling them. Blocking our emotions means suppressing them and storing them in our body, with the consequent side-effects.

By not feeling emotions, we miss the signs that could help us improve things and move on with our lives.

The way out

How many times, when things get rough, do we look outsides ourselves to find the answers? Do we point our fingers at others who made us feel this way? Do we listen to others?

Do we run to food, alcohol, sex or any other thing that offers us, temporarily, an escape? Do we hope that something or someone comes along to save us… to tell us what to do?

They won’t. They don’t have to. You are your own savior.

Your emotions can tell you what is going on. By really feeling them, you will understand if it’s love, fear, anger or grief.

By letting them in and giving them room to express themselves (in a safe way and by not hurting others) your body will release the built-up tension.

Peace and clarity can return, and you will be able to look at the facts in a peaceful way. And start asking yourself questions about what really is happening in your life.

Your intuition then will help you find the answers to these questions, and help find a solution to show you the way out.

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” ~ Rumi

The real purpose of emotions

Somehow, over the last decades and centuries, we’ve forgotten the real purpose of emotions as our reminders and truth-bearers. They show us what things truly mean to us.

Now, we only welcome those emotions we feel comfortable with, pushing away the ones we don’t want in our lives — without taking the time to stop and listen to what it is they have to tell us.

Perhaps because when we do find out what something truly means to us, we’re asked to take responsibility for our lives and step up. We’re invited to say or do something, and yes, that can be scary… but also rewarding.

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” ~ Marianne Williamson

It is time we, both women and men, welcome back all emotions in our bodies. Not to hold on to them and dwell in them, but to let them tell us what’s happening and guide us to where we do want to be. And then, let them go.

It is time we realize that feeling emotions isn’t weak. Feeling your emotions and acting on them is one of the most powerful and bravest things you can do.


LindaVanDerKwastLinda van der Kwast is a writer, a storyteller and a soon-to-be aura reader. She loves to explore what it is that moves people, and she has no fear of diving deep into a human soul to find that out. She likes to shed a light on things to guide people find their way back. It inspired her to start her website, believing that every person can be free to express herself who she is. At times she mistakes the sea to be her home, and you’ll find her at the beach, far horizons filling her eye, wondering what’s out there. Closer to home, you can meet her at Facebook or Twitter with a cup of tea and chocolate, balancing between expressing herself in Dutch and English.


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