The Ten Commandments Of The Wild Priestess: Verses For The Holy Heathen.

Burn your guilt, Woman, and look to the Holy Wild for the only validation you need.

Thou shalt honor the orgasmic eruption of vibrant color and sultry birdsong, for this is the season of your liberation. Let their threats of hellfire and damnation roll off your bare back like so much blessed water.

Know that their twin desires to control your sacred sexuality and ignore your infinite divinity are sourced from a single, deep-seated fear. You, Wild Witch, understand that the God-Goddess-Mystery lives inside of you; there is no need to confess your sins to any unseen, distant ruler with heavy hands.

Thou shalt understand the magick of your perfect body and the power you hold in your womb. This ferocious fem-force is the same fuel that drives the turning of the wheel of time and the death-birth-death cycle.

It is a miracle-power that can catalyze a change greater than our human community has ever known, and, Sensual Sister, it lies coiled and hissing at the base of your pelvic bowl.

Let them call you a sinner when you stand bare-breasted with blood running down your legs. They fear your She-Fire will incinerate their structures of control, power, and profit, and they have done everything they can to keep it contained.

Holy Heathen, in your boiling blood you harbor every Goddess of every culture of every time and every land, so stand up and claim your birthright.

Thou shalt cry out in righteous rage against injustice. Cry out against disconnection, separation, and inequality. Cry out against the honor killings, the child marriages, and the legal rape. Cry out against body-shaming, slut-shaming, and mother-shaming. Weep for the anorexic daughter and the overworked mother.

Weep for the woman who is both Madonna and Whore. Weep for the willful and the loudmouthed. Weep for those who are told they do not belong, and weep for those who have been burned for their independence.

Clench your fists and grit your teeth, Woman, for ours is not the church that slaughtered the Maidens, the Mothers, and the Crones. Let us devour the sweet apples of passion from the Tree of Knowledge. Let us learn what they have tried to keep from us, and let us invite the snake into our beds.

Witch, do not waver when they tell you your magick is evil, and reject the dazzle of their flowing robes and golden candlesticks. The most beauteous cathedral built on bones is far less sanctified than a circle of stones you build with your own muddy hands.

Woman, you are a Holy Heathen, and I bow to your sensuality.

Thou shalt let the snake rise from deep in your sacral firebowl and spiral up along your spine with all the grace of a temple dancer. Just for tonight, cast your rules aside and shed your indoctrinated beliefs about devils and original sin, for all the natural world is lusting for you.

Thou shalt run into the woods alone and howl at the moon, for you are a Wolf Woman unleashed. Just for tonight, sense your sheer magnificence and remember who you are.

You are a worthy Woman of the Wild, and you will not be caged. You did not come here to abide by their laws, and you are bound by but one rule:

Thou shalt harm none then do as ye will. Work your magick for your own good, the good of those you love, and the good of this global community.

Thou shalt honor the sacred feminine as well as the sacred masculine, and reject all that would keep you from your soul’s purpose in this life.

Woman, your world is not one filled with sin, confession, and regret. Your world is permeated with the divine death-birth-death dance, the bliss of sexual union, She-stars, tree magick, and dark chocolate.

Thou shalt not apologize for being a woman. Build your temple in the trees, and sing hymns to your sacred self. Pray to the moon, Priestess, and let your Holy Communion be consumed through forbidden fruit and honey mead.

Thou shalt fear nothing, for the mighty oaks will not damn you. You are a child of nature, Creatrix, and the She-Magick in your sacred cells is the Feminine Holy.

Witch, you were born wild, and they tried to make you forget your birthright every Sunday. They threatened you with nightmarish visions, and put images you never could have conjured on your own into your little-girl psyche; they planted these fears there, hoping they would take root. Tear them out now, Woman!

Thou shalt dig up these rotting weeds of shame and cast them out forever, for these are the true demons. There is no blasphemy in knowing the immense worth of your sexual, sensual self, and the Holy Wild will never stand in judgment against you.

Woman, I worship you in the most reverent Midnight Mass, and I will wash your feet when you come home. Woman, I will sing your hymns and burn sacred herbs for you. I will congregate with the faeries and the she-wolves to weep at your beauty, grace, and awesome power, and I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

All blessings be.


DanielleDulskyDanielle Dulsky is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, energy-healer, Yoga teacher, multi-media artist, and magickal mentor. She holds the highest designation from Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500, and is on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. She is the founder and creatrix of the Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs, a Reiki Master in the Usui-Tibetan tradition, and long-time believer in Earth-based traditions. Her work is based on sensing and transforming energetic vibrations, empowering individuals to discover their potential for authentic abundance, using artistic practice intuitively, and holding space for women to unearth their inner goddess through the magick of sisterhood. Danielle leads women circles, witchcraft workshops, a teaching coven, and psychic development intensives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania where she lives with her partner Ryan, sons Bodhi and Sage, and pet-familiars Jeepster and Raven. She believes that all women alive today are meant to be instrumental in supporting the return of the Divine Feminine. You could contact her via email.


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