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You Are Here To Risk It All.

May you find

A floating

And an opening

In the midst of flames

That lick your face

While carrying you


Even in the breaking

It’s where you belong


The keys

Are underneath,



You are here to melt and feel, and listen to the music your body makes, with pulsing and breathing and beating. You are here to keep cracking open, letting the light pour in and out of you. You are here to trust, to explore, and to ask questions. You are here to learn love, to risk it all, and in living fully, completely, to risk your heart.

You are here to wager your chances of experiencing an existence beyond what you dream is possible. You are here to lie in parks, to lie with people, to see them, to feel them, to hear them. To see and hear and feel yourself, because there is no difference. You are here to risk the possibility that saying what you mean, asking for what you desire, and trusting that it will all work out, is the only path to getting to where you want to go.

You are here to expand and bend and fold. Sometimes, you are here to break, so you can learn the process of putting yourself back together. So you can see each part, from the inside, waiting for you to witness it revel in the dance that occurs when there is nothing left to do but dance. You can dance in pieces, you can dance when you’re full, you can dance in the middle of a tornado. You are here to risk that.

There is no living in small containers, because your spirit will only keep leading you to places and people that shake the walls and break them down. And love works through places and people, so trust that you will always be shaken, out, open, forward, and into yourself. Love is not just a feeling, but also an action, the great opening, a doorway. You are here to risk being brave enough to walk through.

You are here to breathe and cry, and find the bliss in both. You are here to live yourself deeply into the cave of mystery that is the rising up and meeting of everyone who has come before you, and those who will come after, looking to the prints you leave for answers. You are here for right now. You are here to leave an essence, an impact, a non-fleeting remembrance.

You are here to live deliriously, sleeping little or completely, and knowing that each serves a purpose, but never to live in waking sleep. You are here to open your mind, your eyes, your heart. You are here to fall down, lie on the floor, and look up. You are here to understand new ways to float and find truth in your own pain. You are here to love your darkness and the sharp contrast of being alive. You are here to see every other being as an ancient mirror, with the same goals, to feel love and to love completely.

You are here as nobility. You are here as someone regal. You are here with a purpose beyond these words and all words, because the enormousness of your presence is beyond conscious understanding. If you don’t feel it now, or haven’t felt it before, you need only to sleep outside and lose your mind and return to the truth of what you crave the most — a life that is expansive.

If you want that, you have to risk it all.

Your yearning for anything is only a whisper from within, instructing you to follow your pleasure like a compass. To leap from the cliff of your mind at dawn, and dive straight into the day as an offering, as an altar, and to ask yourself what you’ll place there.

You are here to know that you are sacred, and to live that knowing into a trail, into an invitation, into an impact on others that also encourages them to seek ferociously, behind every corner, under every stone, in the mind, in the body, straight into the things we can’t explain.

You are here to know that the little nudges and kind words from strangers weren’t an accident. You are here to believe that it’s all working out perfectly, because it’s happening, and that you are being led. You are here, also, to know that nothing that has ever happened has not been in service to you becoming stronger, brighter, more relentlessly open. If you look back, you know. It was never an accident.

You are here to risk that.

You are here to risk your heart.

You are here to risk it all.

If you are unsure or unclear or lost in the forest, the answers arrive by digging into your chest and removing the barricades. Then, upon pulling them out and feeding them to the wind, you know their look and feel and weight, and you can greet them in others with sweet reverence, instead of disdain, because we all carry heavy things, heaving, daily.

You can risk that.

The confusion is only that we are here in this life to do anything other than letting go completely.

And that is the greatest risk of all.


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Robin Lee
Robin Lee is a writer, healer, and modern medicine woman. Professionally, she is an alchemist and empoweress of humans and ideas. She is the founder of The Babe Collective, and is a seasoned Women’s Sexuality and Confidence Coach as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Breathwork facilitator, and Reiki practitioner. She has devoted her life to the studies of ancient mysteries, transforming trauma, and the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. A perpetual student of Tantra, alchemy, and magick; she seamlessly weaves together these bodies of inquiry with healing practices - delivering them through a modern lens of accessibility, pleasure, and laughter. She is equal parts dark and light, Kali and Shakti, and lives to encourage the wholeness and wildness of others. She lives in Brooklyn, travels often, never stops creating, and eats a lot of avocado. You can contact her here.
Robin Lee
Robin Lee

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