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The Number One Secret to Huge Accomplishments.

People think that my being a raw foodist for over eight years is a huge triumph, and I get a lot of praise for my dedication and willpower.

And I agree, it is a huge accomplishment, but it’s not my most important one.

The true accomplishment of my whole health journey was Day One, and it’s like this for anything else as well.

Eating completely raw for one day, or even that first meal, was the biggest life-changer. In that moment, I was choosing a new life. I was choosing health, I was choosing vibrancy — a new way. I was choosing the person I wanted to be, instead of identifying as a victim who couldn’t resist the cookie aisle and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I was saying Screw you to the cheese pizza because my ability to function properly was more important than momentary yumminess. I was telling myself, “I love you, finally!” by nourishing my body and spirit with the sustenance it needed to thrive.

It was the skeleton key to everything wrong in my life. It opened every door. It changed my entire being, my entire life, and it all started with a blog post, a library book, and a green smoothie.

I clearly recall the first week of eating this way. Reaching seven days of eating only raw plant foods felt like a massive achievement — and it was. Previously, I was a junk food fiend, eating 4-5 chocolate bars a day, and had been a candy fanatic since I was a small child.

This was no easy feat, but the overwhelming amount to learn was thwarted by knowing I only had to start where I was: Right now.

It’s these small steps that we need to focus on as big victories. We need to congratulate ourselves every step of the way.

“Large changes occur in tiny increments.” ~ Julia Cameron

That athlete that you admire and aspire to be? They started at the same place you did: the very beginning.

That fit, beautiful, dynamic hustler you’re jealous of? Their muscles started off just as weak and small as yours.

That billionaire author who started out in poverty? She still wrote that first sentence. She didn’t just think, “Oh, that would be nice.” She actually did it. Those books began with the scribbling of only a few words.

That movie star with the blinding white smile and the expensive gowns and the gleaming awards? She still took her first acting class, she still went on her first audition, she still stepped forward instead of running away.

We are all just human. The difference between success and failure is that failure never stops the successful. Everyone has glitches. Everyone has setbacks. You push through them, find alternatives, keep at it.

The way to success is moving through fear and by taking actions. Small at first, and then large. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it becomes an avalanche, and it begins to get bigger all on its own.

It all starts with one snowflake.

Unlike a torrent of snow, there is no end to what you can accomplish — your options are never-ending.

You change direction, you climb the wall, you swim through the fire, you shimmy through the undergrowth, you blast open the door, but you never stop moving forward — that momentum is everything.

So do that very first thing on your list. The small one, aka The Most Important Step You Can Possibly Take.


LorraFaeWildfireLorra Fae Wildfire is a tenacious warrior who dwells in a tiny house with her naked dog and mountains of books. A martial artist, writer, artist, surfer, and longtime raw vegan, she lives for freedom and passion. Lorra writes to inspire others to be authentic, become fierce, and stress the importance of being wildly healthy. She resides in Victoria, BC, Canada. Wander over to Passion School for potent doses of passion elixir.


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