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Never Quit Loving, Do It with Your Heart Wide Open.


Human love is messy. Divine love is even messier.

With all its jagged edges, shadowed hues, imperfect lines and impossible odds.

Even if we choose the higher road in our quest to connect consciously with another’s soul… even the awakened light is not as simple as it seems.

An actualized free spirit recently said to me that the choice to act upon the sentiments of a conscious love can be boiled down to three key decision points:

  1. Is it good for me?
  2. Is it good for others?
  3. What is the end goal?

Is love — conscious love — really that formulaic? Can the heart and spirit be boiled down to action born of such a heady rationalization of connectedness? To ourselves? To others?  To the future?

Fuck that.  

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic in my devout understanding of unconditional love. Perhaps there needs to be a move towards a radical acceptance in all our hearts that loving with all your crazy wild means finding a fierce love worth coming alive for.  That staying present in the moment, accepts what is, instead of benchmarking that divine force against what your mind perceives it to be.

Agape love ideals aren’t born of martyrdom, but a higher form of conscious action elevated by compassion and gratitude. It is not a set of decision points, but a state of being that is not reliant on the permission or acceptance of another. It is loving in spite of the odds. In spite of the limitations. In spite of time or space. It is seeing the inner truth of others, and giving them the courage to rise in that state as opposed to falling into it.

My love is a chaos endured by a ritual of blood, sweat and tears… as a willingness to hold space for your tomorrow because you are unable to rise in your love today. Oh yes, such love is being brave enough to tattoo your soul with its higher vibration. Feeling it.

Beyond rationality.

Beyond what the mind can perceive and into the depths of what your soul promise feels.

Beyond integration of that bond into preconceived structures.

It is a recognition that everything and everyone in our external reality is merely an energetic reflection of our inner world and the magic that such a divine connection creates.

Love is not a choice.

It is not even a feeling.

It is a Universal truth that seeks unity with its source.

Despite whatever recipe for cognitive dissidence or alienation of affection such a loving connection is presented with, my kind of love seeks to rain disorder of your normative preconceptions you hold dearest.

My love is a creative and divine force. It doesn’t color between any lines. It is a light as free as my surrendered spirit flows. My kind of divine love is an eight-year-old with finger paint and infinite pale white walls around her as the canvas.

A freedom that carries those who feel the vibration of such a loving bond into a deeper sense of self-love, and a desire to serve all of life in a conscious way. If there is a goal to be had, that is the only one that matters.

To deny the experience of such love in any form of expression is a reflection of your own reactance and fears manifesting the depth of what you truly desire. Now or ever. Thus, in a way an unrequited divine love and connectedness is a denial of one’s reunion with their own divine spirit.

So I say to all those badass conscious souls — who are brave enough to love with their hearts wide open — Never fucking quit… you might just change the world one loving intention at a time.


VNicoleGodinV. Nicole Godin is a soulful creator of life and art, and a relentless seeker. A warrior goddess, philanthropist, empath and survivor, she is passionate about sharing meaningful conversations of the heart and soul through the timeless language of vulnerable truths. Those who know her well describe her as an inspired badass free spirit whose quest is to live authentically through the beautiful energy of those around her. When she isn’t riding motorcycles, meditating, mentoring or teaching, she is helping others find the strength to rise from within. You may contact Nikki via Instagram or Facebook.


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