Are You Choosing Love in a Cruel World?

Choosing love in a cruel world… these words flowed to me in my writing the other night. The world isn’t cruel… is it? Though people aligned with fear and hatred do some pretty cruel things.

No, this world at its core isn’t cruel, though it is in need of some major love and healing.

I am bothered by the amount of senseless violence in this world. I am tired of hearing about mass shootings. I am tired of hearing about dirty white cops killing black men. I am tired of hearing about black thugs killing good cops and innocent people. I am tired of racial, religious, and sexual profiling. I am tired of this us against them mentality.

I am tired of seeing people having no respect for the earth. No respect for each other. No respect for themselves, or for life in general. I am tired of hearing about animals dying when a human elects to treat them inhumanely and brutally. I am tired of being pissed off and disheartened by the behavior of people who know nothing of what it means to be a decent human being.

Change is so needed in this world. Change happens when we choose differently. Any change in action will bring about a different result. However, is the action taken creating the desired result?

Have you had enough? Are you ready for change? What is it going to take for you to choose differently? What is it going to take for you to choose love? Many do not believe that love is a choice. Rather, they simply hope or pray that somehow love will come save them and others from this pain. Love, however, cannot find you when your heart lies buried beneath layer upon layer of false beliefs or buying into this poor helpless me bullshit.

I desire to live a life that is loving and peaceful. I believe Love is my natural state of being, and any time fear, anxiety, worry, or hate show up, it is a clear indication that I have forgotten who it is I truly am.

Love is where I come from. Love was present when I was born, and will be present when I die. Love is all-encompassing. Love is expansive. Love does not care about your skin color, spiritual beliefs, or sexual orientation. Love only asks that you bring your true self forth.

Herein lies the problem. So many are fearful of being their true selves. So many have lost sight of who and what their true self looks like. Some even have no awareness of its existence.

Our true self often lies hidden beneath ego and learned fear-based behavior. Many times we abandon our true self, and the love we inherently are, in order to fit in, to be liked, to belong, and to survive. Sadly, we mistake this loyalty to this dysfunctional way of being as the pathway to getting the love we crave. How fucked up is that?

I am so done with participating in this dysfunction. I am divorcing a world that wants fear to be my modus operandi. I am choosing to unplug from this matrix of limiting beliefs, and choosing instead to align my thoughts with love.

I am choosing behavior that feels good to my soul while saying No to people-pleasing tendencies. I am choosing to focus on what feels right in my heart while striving to let go of my learned habit to judge others, their words, and their actions.

I am choosing to love and embrace all my emotions, and to recognize them as energy in motion. I choose to listen to them, and to give them a voice while recognizing they only have the power I give to them. I am choosing to see my emotions as an indicator of where my energy is at, and to realize I have the power to choose differently.

What can I do to bring in more love?” will be the question that is my guiding star. It may be as simple as offering a smile to a stranger on the street. I may take a moment to tenderly embrace that heavy feeling in my heart and allow myself to cry. I may elect to speak loudly and with passion when I am on the receiving end of some injustice. It may be finding a healthy outlet for my anger and realizing that it is showing up as an indication that something in me desires change.

I am choosing to let go of my impulse to label things as being right or wrong, good or bad, and to trust that maybe all of it exists for a reason. I know some of my darkest days have inspired me to reach for something different. Maybe the discomfort has to exist so we can all get to a place where we choose differently. Maybe the discomfort and unease is the rocket fuel needed to launch us into a new world and a new way of being.

And maybe… it is an opportunity to choose love instead of succumbing to the cruelty and fear that run amuck around us.

What about you? What are you going to choose? Please stop believing yourself powerless. And please, please, please stop waiting for some gallant knight to come riding through the clouds to save the day. Change is possible, though believing you can make others change is not. Change begins by taking a look at your own behavior and beliefs. What is it you are bringing to the table? Is what you see serving you?

I realize change doesn’t always happen overnight. We have many years of outdated programming and beliefs to overcome. Yet I believe we can do it, and I believe it begins with us consciously choosing to serve love at our own table.


AmyMartinAmy Martin is a barefoot dancer, a feeling dreamer, and a truth-loving goddess residing in the St. Louis area. One of her favorite body sensations is bare feet connecting with the healing energy of Momma Earth, whether it is a whole foot sinking into lush green grass, a releve’ amidst sun-kissed waves, or cool water flowing between toes on a magical moonlit night. Amy aspires to live life on her terms by aligning with her personal truth, through honoring and listening to the voice of body sensation, along with allowing the uncensored flow of heartfelt feelings and ecstatic emotion. She finds inspiration in the celebrating of one’s unique soul essence, and invites all to join her in being one with their inner dancer, feeling soul, and true warrior goddess. You can connect with Amy at her website. Here is to moving through life ‘your way’. Enjoy the dance!


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