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August 2, 2016


Sex, Spirituality and Effortless Orgasms.

The irony with orgasms is that if you are not trying desperately to have one, the more likely they are to occur. Settle yourself into a happy acceptance that you might come while you are asleep and dreaming, but if you don’t, that is okay too; a good night’s sleep is seriously underrated.

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Muktasana: The Pose of Liberation.

In the United States, more than 20 prisons offer Yoga practices through the Prison Yoga Project, which provides teacher training and has sent more than 7,000 manuals to inmates so they can practice Yoga on their own. A similar program in the United Kingdom called the Prison Phoenix Trust  ...

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Her Spirit Runs Wild. {poetry}

There is no time to wish upon shooting stars For he loves me, he loves me not She plucks each and every petal with no worry of the thorns She would rather bleed and lick her paw than cower from danger Her spirit, once shackled, now runs wild She is feral and untamed

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