New Moon in Leo: Lioness Lessons on the Strength of Heart.


Happy August, warriors and warrioresses of the heart.

August has arrived, and it says that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams.

It tells us that we have the power to overcome any wound, trauma or heartache linked to the past, only if we can allow resentment, fear and pain to transform into compassion and forgiveness.

Lions are majestic. They are proud because they are the kings of the animal kingdom. They are great leaders, but they’ve understood that no king reigns under the storm, no savanna sees the rousing order and wrapping strength of the sun in a time of war.

Eris, who symbolizes dissensions, has now left our skies for good. And as always, after the thunderstorms, the introspective hours and the stagnant emotions have left us wondering what comes next. Now is the time for a new phase of peaceful rest for our hearts.

The time has come to make peace with our own feelings, and forgive whoever has hurt us in the past.


What do the first days of August say?

We were never meant to suffer for that long. We’ve listened to our hearts, allowed ourselves to feel, and let our most important truths to come up to the surface. In doing so, we’ve reached a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding.

However, when pain, fear or resentment are made available from our hearts to our consciousness, it only happens to release and move forward anew.

The dark feelings or truths of ours that we have recently found out by diving deep within are not cages or traps. They aren’t abysses where we are meant to stay or to live. There is no reason to wait any longer because we’ve now seen enough of ourselves.

It’s time to take a deep breath, gather all of our strengths, and come back to the world of joy and action.

We’re carried up by the lion’s roar, and this time it’s all about learning how to come back to life and reclaim our power, even if an unfinished business still aches or burns within.

We’re here to learn to move forward in a way that gathers the feminine energy that feels and the masculine energy of the empowered doers. We won’t deny our emotions or bury the messages from our hearts. However, this time we won’t remain paralyzed or stand on the edge of action because we have feelings.


Here is what Leos teach us about passionate love.

Sometimes, love comes easily. It softly blossoms like how rivers flow in our favorite summer countryside. She says Yes, he says Yes. He is available, she is available too. They want to see each other at the same time. They live in the same cities. Maybe they even work together. They walk hand in hand along big avenues.

There is nothing to think of or worry about with that kind of love. It flows and blends easily with our own repetition of days.

That’s not the kind of love that the Leo’s energies have come to teach. Instead, the lesson is about the kind of romance that shakes one to their core.

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Sometimes, passion leads individuals to love even if there is nothing to expect in return. That happens when their heart has decided that the feelings were too strong and that it wouldn’t give up — no matter what, and even if there is no sign.

Those hearts quiver — even when there is no answer, no facts or no clues. Those hearts love as they would pray. Imagine yourself placing an altar candle: its flame is your heart, and you watch it burn in the back of the sweet depth of a sanctuary.

Those loves have us learn to love even when there is no sign. That’s hard, because love seeks to live, to see, to discover and to share.

The heart is such a trickster. However difficult it is, sometimes that’s what it brings up, and it doesn’t leave us a choice. So, we have to endure our heart’s desires, as if we have boarded a train that nobody can stop.

This, even when nothing happens, when love is silence, when there are no parties, no flowers, no smiles, no words — even if, maybe, we’ve invented it all.

The New Moon in Leo provides us with a new way of loving, which provides a solution for the passionate loves of that kind.


The Leo teaches us what true nobility in love is.

True dignity comes when we love without being scared of being hurt, when we keep room for hope even if there is no sign, when we forgive instead of blaming.

Magnificent loves as the Leo’s shine as the sun does, even when there is no rationale behind them, but simply because morning has come and there is no reason not to be awash by light and beauty again.

The love that comes from Leos is fearless.

The heart of the lion is immensely brave, and goes beyond paradoxes.

It still loves, and doesn’t bury its feelings — even if it hurts or when the situation seems hopeless.

It still feels, but moves forward anyway — even when pain could keep us away from action and movement, or when hope could make us choose the wrong direction.

In spite of the pains and disappointments that we’ve been through since the beginning of the year, and that we’ve been brave enough to read within in July while being carried by the emotional waters of Cancer, August tells us to try and love as Leos do.

The time has come to stop feeling pity for ourselves and to come back to life, action and hope, even if the whole picture of a given romance isn’t clear yet. As always, time is the greatest healer, and clues will be given in time in one way or another, if we are patient enough to wait and not try to force any outcome.

The truth is, Leo’s energies are guiding us to the warrior’s way of loving.

The warrior has known suffering, but he keeps moving forward. The warrior doesn’t fight his own feelings or try to get rid of his pain. That would be a superficial way of handling things anyway. The heart always ends up winning our inner battles.

The warrior doesn’t stop to live or change path in case something would happen. The warrior doesn’t blame, because he recalls that he participated in every dance.

He simply acknowledges the truth of his own feelings. He loves, and that’s okay, because everyone has the right to.

The majesty of the Lion is teaching us to live in joy and action, even when involved in that kind of silent and mysterious love. Our magic key, this time, is to learn this unconditional love that knows no expectation.

“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.” ~ Hafiz





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