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Your Vulnerability Is Your Superpower.


It is high time for us to transform our dysfunctional ways of relating to one another, specifically the way we interact with the opposite sex.

We cannot have awakened women without their male counterparts. Men cannot feel satisfied without the nurturing care of femininity. We need the Whole to be healed. That’s where we move from Me to We, and that is where we enter Unity consciousness.

There seems to be so much underlying fear around the Feminine coming back to power. A fear that she will override or dominate the masculine, that she will cause war in order to gain victory. This is not the goal. The goal is mutual understanding. Temperance. Equality.

Here is how I see things…

Man, in order to be respected by woman, you must learn to cherish her.
Woman, in order to feel cherished by man, you must find a way to respect him.

Reciprocity is key, and it will take some adjustment, but ultimately this will set you free.

Love your sisters. Honor your brothers.
The fear may cause you to continue the war, but be willing to cease the struggle, for you will be made free there.

We are not made to be objects to one another, nor to be molded into our ego’s perfect fantasy. Do not be fooled by pain’s request for pleasure. Seek holiness, and there you will find it in yourself. Only then can you truly share it with another.

Be willing to wait, and your kingdom shall be brought to you.

Man, you will never find power through dominating or disgracing others. Until you learn equality, all true peace and prosperity will be empty blessings to you, for you will not fully appreciate them.

If your heart is closed, no woman will be able to open it for you, no matter how beautiful she may be. Do not make it her job to do so, including your daughter’s. She will fill your life with bliss, yes, but your material blessings will not be enough to sustain her. She needs your heart.

Woman, your wholeness and power reside within you. You do have the ability to navigate the material realm. It is not a man’s job to make you feel secure, but if you allow him to be who he truly is, without expectation, maybe he will anyway. Love him for who he is, not what trinkets he can give you.

Man, your emotions do not weaken you. They increase your worth, and provide you energy to do your daily tasks. They are your strength.

Woman, your vulnerability and sensitive side are not your detriments. They are your superpower. Do not use tactics and manipulation to avoid them, you are not under attack. And if you ever are, know that the refuge you seek was always inside you anyway.

We must learn to trust one another again. We were all just an egg in our mother’s womb at one time, minus all of the roles and restrictions we took on as our identity.

If we believe Unity is possible, we can come together once more. Not to fill a void, but to co-create a new paradigm. Where everyone wins, and nobody regrets being exactly who they are.

It’s time we evolve past gender, labels and judgments. Through the small frame we have chosen to view our world through. To expand out to meet one another in newer, fresher ways. To be who we really are, without agenda. To know that we are whole beings. To revel in the delight of one another.

It may take some work, but the Soul is ready, and boy, will the return be worth the commitment! Here’s to you. Here’s to me. Here’s to We.

Aho, let’s go.




JenniferCainJennifer Cain is the founder of Rise Goddess. Her work as a Theta Healer and Intuitive Mentor for women is inspired by the awakening of the feminine power movement on the planet. Jennifer guides meditators at her weekly events in Edinburgh, and sees private healing clients online and in person. She loves to dance, sing and come together with her sisters for magic-making.


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