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September 8, 2016

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Alive Day: A Reclamation of Life.

I decided if my prognosis was to be believed, I felt I needed to try and pack as much life into those 18 months as possible. My calendar filled with dinners, parties, concerts and Sunday brunches. When weeks turned to months, my body became stronger and I became bolder. I added traveling to the  ...

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It Rained. {poetry}

I clawed through my denim hide, muddied beyond recognition. Then the cotton casing, wet and black. I stripped completely to expose my human skin. I spun and twirled to the ricochet of thunder booming through the valley, slinging water droplets like magic fire from my fingertips. I skipped and  ...

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The Dancing Medicine.

Why, as we grow, do we disconnect from the medicine of our divine, inner child? Why do we block an untamed trust in the wisdom of our non-linear instincts? Why do we stop harvesting the beauty of a flexible mind? Because society values clear divisions between children and adults. Because we  ...

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