Goddess, Dismount Your High Horse and Listen: The Sacred Masculine Is Calling.

{Photo credit: Android Jones}

{Photo credit: Android Jones}


Sisters, it’s not all about us. Let’s get off our narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. The Sacred Masculine is calling.

Sisters, I know. We have been oppressed. Patriarchy has clipped our wings and silenced the witch-call of our revolutionary voices for centuries.

Sisters, I know. We have fought tooth and nail, aching, plunging deeply into the wellsprings of our wombs, purging our pain and the pain of our ancestors, firstly through the bold feminist movements of our mothers, and more recently through the groundswell of conscious feminine spiritual practices which have half-blossomed and half-volcanically-erupted into this newly emerging earth consciousness.

Daily, hourly, moment by conscious moment, we have devoted ourselves to reawakening the Divine Feminine, within and without. We have given everything, untied the bindings, slashed the belittling beliefs, nourished the seedlings of self-worth, sparked the phoenix-like rise of the circles of sacred sisterhood, to reclaim what has been suppressed, lost, denied.

Sisters, we call ourselves Goddesses. And we should. But let us not forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

And hear me now. Patriarchy does not equate to Masculinity. What we are fighting is not men, Sisters. Maybe you think you know this. But do you really? If you do, let it be known through your actions. Put down your daggers, put down your spears against the Masculine. For after you have had your righteous rage (and yes, I grant that you must have it), there is work to be done. The rage without ending is not the solution, Sisters. Stop!

Stop brandishing knives around your aura, and keeping at bay the good men you sorely yearn to unite with. Stop callously offering up to a false altar the hearts of the Lovers, Kings, Magicians and Warriors as the wrongful and bloody sacrifices for the historical mistakes of us all.

Patriarchy is a paradigm, my Sisters. A paradigm which both men and women have allowed to be. For far too long, each side of the gender coin has forgotten itself, forgotten its power and its sacredness. The patriarchal paradigm was a co-creation. Misogyny is a co-creation. To deny this is to deny your own power, to cast yourself into a space of victimhood which is getting old, Sisters. So old. We cannot, and will not, be both Goddesses and victims.

We must choose the path of highest and deepest truth.

The war against the Sacred Masculine must come to an end, Sisters. Awaken your powers of listening and compassion which are wise beyond measure. Centuries of patriarchal oppression does not require centuries of penance, Sisters. Feel this. Do you know your essence is an all-encompassing, healing, sacred balm? We cannot be in our fullness until we understand this.

Listen, Sisters, listen. Can’t you hear the Sacred Masculine calling? His essence is all around you. He is in pain, Sisters. You are not the only one. Patriarchy has separated his goodness and his boldness from the one thing worth fighting for. You. Us. Spirit. The Sacred Wholeness.

Get off your narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. You say you want a Warrior. You say you want a Shiva to your Shakti. Then bring him into you. He is yearning for you, he profoundly aches for you, just as rawly and wildly as you ache for him — with a staggering ardor and devotion that knows no bounds.

He wants nothing more than to give you his everything. Universes he yearns to give to you, Sisters. How can he do that when you wield battleaxes before him? You are not even listening. Did you know that the balm of your essence is the nectar of his soul? That the grace of your loving attention is the nutrient which sparks a thousand sunshines in his heart? He would give his life for your honest love.

Stop wasting time, sisters. Both yours and his. If you cannot organically give the man before you the honor of your fullness, have the heart to turn yourself to the one you can. Even if this means being alone for some time, and waiting in radiant expectation for your One. Do not ask the beautiful man before you to pay penance at your feet for the disempowered mistakes of your grandmothers and grandfathers. Quit that blame game.

The dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine is not a transaction. There can be no tit for tat. Stop asking your men to fill a bottomless cup.

You are the Great Mother. Can you imagine the contraction you cause when you cast your sons into the role of Sinner? How can he ever reach you when you have damned him to purgatory?

Instead, open, Sisters. Allow the men around you to be worthy. See their radiant worthiness. Many ask, Where are all the good men? Many think men are not evolved enough. You think they can’t handle all of you? That you are too much woman for them? I call bullshit, Sisters. This says more about your blindness than their faults.

The Sacred Masculine is everywhere, Sisters, longing to be welcomed into your hearth, to be warmly embraced in the intoxicating divinity of your velvet purity. Let go of the excuses. Give him safe harbor. Give him grace. Open your arms. See him. You have nothing to prove, and everything to give.

Underneath it all, beneath the centuries of war, fighting and separation, all he wants is what you want too. The hieros gamos — the divine marriage of opposites. His dissolution into your arms, and you into his. He wants to be the hero in the story, Sisters. He wants to be your White Knight. But he cannot do that while you are blind with rage and fear. Open your eyes.

Grace him with the presence, the love and the affection which will exalt him into that greatness. He will not fail you. He is only inches away from you every second of every day. He is behind you. He is beside you. He has protected you in ways you will never know of or appreciate. He has offered you his life essence. Welcome him into you, Sisters.

Boadicea, Joan of Arc, remove your armor. Kali, put down your scythe. The battle is over. Love has won.


odettegibbsOdette Gibbs is a Kundalini yogini, philosopher and tantric-shamanic practitioner, whose purpose is to join forces with those dedicated to living awake, in service of the evolution and healing of consciousness worldwide. She is the founding director of The Kundalini Centre, the first and only Kundalini Yoga studio in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. In addition, she is a registered Master Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia. Odette’s academic background is in law and philosophy. After teaching law briefly at the University of Canberra, she completed her Honors thesis at the Australian National University, entitled ‘Consciousness: Toward a Fundamental Theory Integrating Western Philosophical and Kundalini Yoga Perspectives’. Alongside her private Yoga and healing practice, Odette runs transformative retreats globally, and is honored to hold space for her monthly Full Moon women’s tantric goddess circle, Shakti Temple.


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