Surrender Gracefully into the Winds of Change.


The winds of change are upon us.

For so long we have heard that they are coming, that it is the 11th hour. That time has passed.

For the past six months, I have watched and felt and known a storm descending, layer by layer, energy field by energy field. What it leaves in its wake is clarity and a brand new start.

A new world is coming into physical form now.

Many of us have been feeling it coming. Getting pushed and pulled and all stirred up. It’s been dredging things to the surface. Old memories and stories and feelings from deep, deep down and way, way back. It’s also been inspiring us with new possibilities and experiences that are on the tip of our understanding. And there is discomfort in the dissonance between what is and what could be.

We have to span that gap by accepting both as true. The atrocities and horror of what is happening in our world right now and what in our hearts we dream could be.

We straddle between them. If we can learn how to let our presence grow, we become the bridge to the world we know is possible.

The old paradigm of power over and power under, of greed and manipulation, of winners and losers, of haves and have-nots, is dying. Anything that is of that construct living within us, within our relationships, within our world, is crumbling and dying along with it.

We can release those old ways of being, as individuals and as a culture, with graceful surrender into the gale force winds. Or we can resist and be torn apart, slowly, painfully, irrevocably.

Within the energy of what is to come, there is no place for that dualistic limitation of power over and power under. We have to learn how to embody a new way, a shared power with one another.

And so we feel it. We feel where that old way of being still lives inside of us. We see it in the atrocities playing out in our world. This is not being illuminated and highlighted for us right now to create shame and guilt, or to overwhelm and demoralize us. We are being shown it because we are being gifted with the opportunity to transform it.

There has never been so much energetic support, intelligence and opportunity being offered by all of existence to reorganize this internalized paradigm of pain as there is right now.

We are all complicit in the hidden corners and intricacies of our being. We are part of a single organism, pieces of a single consciousness. We share this planetary body, and we must tend to our part of that body now.

The winds of change are cleansing and supportive. They can feel like a firm steady breeze at our backs, guiding us towards who we are becoming, or they can be like a tumultuous storm at our core. Neither is right or wrong. As humans, we may each need a bit of both, and we do have a choice in how this birth is going to progress, in how this transition is going to go down.

As the old ways die to be reborn as something new, as our emotional bodies and our mental constructs transform, the more of an example we can be and the more examples we can recognize and lean into.

These examples can take many forms. They can be healthy integrated individuals in the support of our loving friends, stable coherent families of all different forms, inclusive life-affirming organizations, or sustainable visionary businesses. Recognizing this will make our transition easier and more graceful.

Another thing to remember is that the new world is already here. It has been spreading its roots and growing its containers and the structures of community — of clarity, of consciousness, of collaboration.

It’s been growing within all disciplines, every race and gender, and class. It’s not so much that a new consciousness is being born. It’s already here, planting roots and spreading seeds, in every industry, in pockets on every continent, and in the heart and fringe of every culture on this earth.

There is a great turning that many of us have been anchoring for quite some time. Our work has not been, and will not be, in vain. We are not unprepared, we are ready.

As the old paradigm crumbles, a new one is already firmly planted in many of our hearts, in the tender acceptance of every single part of ourselves, in the mindful reorganization of the ways we relate to one another, in the growing inclusion of our organizations, and in the value of sustainability taking hold in our businesses and industry.

Imagine with me for a moment. Look out on the vast horizon, in every direction as far as you can see. Notice that there are points and gatherings of lights, of people coming together all over this planet. They are coming together for change, for cooperation, for education, for mutual support and collaboration towards goodness and quality of  life for all.

That network of light is supported by an even vaster network of light. The natural world of trees and rivers and mountains and lakes, deserts and islands and glaciers and caves, and even beyond that, in fields of stars and black holes and endless space, conspires to hold, support and guide us through this transitional, awakening time.

There is more in the support of coherence and life, and even more in support of love, than ever will be in support of manipulation and hate. It’s just that many have not been conditioned to see and receive it.

So as the storm descends, seek out that which is deeply rooted within and around you. Open to the support of all that loves you; there really is so much.

Lean into the vision of a more just, kind, inclusive, loving and sustainable world that is coming.

Find strength in the truest essence of who you are — the essence of you that goes beyond your persona, beyond your identity, even as a soul.

Connect to the part of you that sits with that which created you, the divine spark that is beyond what has ever or might ever happen to you, the part that is eternal and unchanging. Bring that presence here, all the way, in the face of each and every thing you encounter within and around you.

That is what it is going to take. Nothing less than full, aligned, embodied presence.

Know that you are endlessly supported and guided.

Do not be afraid.

Be inspired.


GitanjaliHempGitanjali Hemp is a Master Energy Healer, Consciousness Awakening Guide, and Founder of Syntara System. Gitanjali helps change-makers, visionaries and wisdom-keepers to upgrade and up-level in all areas of their being and life to increase their capacity for impact, meaningful contribution, abundance and joy. She helps people to bridge who they are now, with who they are becoming, in order to bring forth the world we know is possible. She has spent years studying with Masters and teachers of some of the world’s richest spiritual traditions and most cutting-edge healing modalities. She has been in active practice for over 18 years. Through virtual programs, professional trainings, retreats and 1:1 sessions, she offers tools, techniques and perspectives to help people find stability, harvest opportunity and access their unique brilliance at will, during these most unprecedented and rapidly changing times.


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