Sowing the Seeds of Seasonal Death: The Divine Darkness of the New, Black Moon. {Cosmic Connection}


The energy is shifting. The weight… not exactly lifting.

We all thought that once Mercury stationed direct on the 21st, we’d be in the clear.

But let’s take into consideration a few things: the two-week shadow period that always precedes and proceeds the retrograde cycle; the penumbral lunar eclipse that accompanied the full Harvest moon on the 16th; the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd; Pluto stationing direct on the 26th; Mars entering Capricorn on the 27th, and finally, the New Moon in Libra this Friday, the 30th, which also happens to be a Black Moon (the second New Moon in the same month, the first of which occurred on September 1st) in the Eastern Hemisphere, and the first of 2016.

And now? This feels like the period of depletion leading up to the resurrection, which is the exact energetic theme this entire month’s been playing out; this karmic cleansing, this autumnal clearing, preparing us to be laid bare before our hearth’s altar for the deeper excavation that awaits us.

But before all that, sustenance.

We must always remember to replenish.

Replenish. Replenish. Replenish.

We can’t keep creating or producing or harvesting unless we feed ourselves with the creative and emotional and physical and spiritual sustenance necessary to keep these ethereal meat suits forging forward.

And when I say we need to feed ourselves, I’m talking copious portions. A multicolored and textured and faceted cornucopia of nutritional and inspirational roughage to sustain us through the dark months ahead.

Many of us are already experiencing the duality of letting go and sinking in. Many of us experienced a burst of unprecedented momentum in the first weeks of September; on the flip side, many of us experienced a downward spiral. An extreme loss. Whatever our energetic experience was — no matter how positive or devastating — there’s a feeling of complete crash lately, as if we’re grasping at what was just beyond our fingertips, so close for the taking.

Now we’re in this sort of spiritual limbo. An emotional hangover. We thought we had done it; we thought we had overcome and risen up… and up and up and up… to where we finally wanted to be. And then, just like that, a plunge. Like the ground dropped out from beneath our almost steady feet.

Like we’ve been uprooted. Because we have.

We’ve been forced to pull the superficial roots in order to make way for the lasting ones. The anchors that are meant to last. The seeds of a new season. The sprouts of a new life.

But we can’t be reborn until we die, and that’s opportunity that the encroaching autumnal darkness provides — the opportunity to lay our bones down for regeneration. Re-calcification. Our bones require fertile soil, just as our inner terracotta requires replenishment. One cannot happen without the other; it’s the spiritual yin to our physical yang.

Again, replenishment. There will be no blood — no life force — squeezed from the ancient stones that inform our subconscious psyches without the proper period of rest, for this is our soul’s hour of resuscitation.

This is our spirit’s reckoning, carried over the past weeks and awaiting the ceremonial pyre where we’ll be reduced to ashes. Where we’ll produce our own fertilizer to raise our earth-worn bodies from their barren, exhausted states and infuse a vital dose of life — and light — into our starving cores, once again.

The coming New, Black Moon (again, Eastern Hemisphere) on Friday delivers the perfect portal for fertilizing our soul’s soil with the radiant seeds of our divine death, sowing them with the intentions we feel compelled to grow above — and below — ground, during this coming season of abundant, pregnant darkness.

So bow before this dark moon with hope, patience and gratitude.

Kneel beneath its shadow and offer your shadow, so that you may see all that’s been concealed — your hopes, your patient dreams, your vows of gratitude for all that has been and all that is yet to come. Offer your grandest struggles as fodder for your brightest future, and then release it to this New, Black Luna — void of detachment, and full of expectant, grateful, weightless allowance.


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Jillian Kristina
Jillian Kristina is writing the best chapter of her life, right now. Having just taken the leap of her life from grid-based city living to off-grid nature immersion, the words of this new chapter are spelling out a radical journey of extreme release, self-discovery and, for the first time in her life, a sense of pace and connection that can only be likened to ‘home’. Her renewed connection with nature has also inspired her to finally begin her Holistic Coaching business. Connect with her via her website, Instagram or Facebook.
Jillian Kristina
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