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Are You Aware of Your Empath Triggers?


This is what I know: the Full Moon, New Moon and Mercury retrograde affect empaths.

Sometimes it does so on a personal level, when our own stuff comes up and affects others. I am affected when I need to deal with something in my life, but since most people are afraid of Mercury retrograde, I feel their emotions of it.  Everything seems to get blamed on Mercury retrograde.

“Do some retrogrades seem to affect you and others not?

If you’re highly superstitious about retrogrades, all of them are likely to affect you, as you attract that which you fear. However, if you’re simply mindful of them, you may see that you barely register some of them, and others have you struggling in a mud pit.

It all really depends on the part of your chart the planet just passed over. If you have a lot of planets in that area of your chart, or in the opposite area, the passing of the planet may have brought change, or caused you to start something new.

When the planet passes back over this same part of your chart, you get the chance to clean up anything left behind. To tie up loose ends. Fix problems that you didn’t know were there, or didn’t have time to deal with.” ~ Jennifer Shelton, Femcentral

This last retrograde had me seeing all my empath triggers come up. Triggers are situations when I recognize that the energy I am feeling is changing, when I usually start to feel emotions, struggles and situations that are not mine. I need to be aware of them, since they can come up in the blink of an eye.

I breezed through the first two weeks of it. I was thrilled thinking of all the energy flowing through me. I am a big believer of this energy flow. The more open I am, the quicker emotions flow through, without me getting stuck on questioning whether what I am feeling is my own.

Then, all of a sudden, the brakes were applied, and I had a tsunami of emotions start flooding me.

I am a positive person, but there are days that just suck the life out of you. There are days when the world seems to be spinning out of control and the best you can do is take care of yourself. The fear and anxiety are high, and life is messy.

Start being aware of emotional changes within you, since a majority of the time they may not be yours.

My top six triggers are as follows:

1. When I recognize an immediate emotional change, as if a light switch has been flipped. I especially notice this if I am happy, and all of a sudden I feel sad, depressed or an onslaught of anxiety comes through.

2. I catch myself creating stories in my head, and usually it involves arguing about something that has never happened. I completely make it up, and it is based on anger at most times. This is a huge red light for me.

3. When I am tired or do not feel well, I know that 99% of what I feel is not mine.

4. Shallow breathing. I caught myself the other day where my chest started to hurt, and realized I was breathing from my chest, not my stomach. I recognized that something was going on, and it wasn’t related to me. This has happened more than once, and I have to stop and just pay attention.

5. When my hubby asks me if something is wrong and I say No, I have noticed he sees something in me that I am not aware of yet. I have learned this is something to notice because later in the day I become overwhelmed with emotions.

6. Quick to anger. Have you ever noticed that something that would normally never upset you or make you angry actually makes you infuriated? I have started to bring awareness to those times, to stop and center and see if what I am feeling is truly my emotion.

One thing that you can do to help yourself is body scans.

Stop at least once an hour if you can, ground yourself first and just check in with your body. Is there an ache or pain? Feelings of overwhelm? Something that just wasn’t there before? The only way to realize this is to stop and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Are you mindful of what is going on around you? Do you stop and ground yourself? What steps can you take to ground quickly?

One of two things I do to quickly ground myself is visualize a beam of multicolored lights coming down from the Universe and going through all my chakras, filling up my body and coming out through my feet to proceed straight to the center of the earth. This is a peaceful, honoring place for me.

It is like a beautiful waterfall with grass next to it, that makes me want to lie down and just be completely relaxed, to release all tensions and stress, and be filled with happiness and love.

Another quick grounding technique is to wash my hands with the intention to remove all energies that I may have picked up, or just to release any stress I have.

The more aware you are of your energy, the easier you know what you are feeling is not yours and quickly have it flow through and out of you.


TriciaDyckaTricia Dycka is an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast. Tricia’s mission is to help empaths get out of emotional overwhelm, by learning what emotions are really theirs and what belongs to others, then hone those gifts so they can truly follow their dreams. Empaths have so many conflicting emotions, sometimes it is even hard to figure out what they want because for so long they believe their parents or society’s ideas are really theirs. Sign up for her free Empath Guide: How to Reclaim your life.


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