You’re Not Wrong. {poetry}


Imagine you’re wrong.
Imagine women don’t really need the affirmation that we are underrepresented, and suffering from being the first to feel the knife blade turn when children go hungry in war zones, bloody, orphaned with the fingerprints of our brethren on their scars.
Imagine you’re wrong that the world is turning to understand that the United States must be held accountable for our unfettered devouring of our planet, if there is to be a higher consciousness on Earth.

Imagine you’re wrong in remembering your college Calc professor as a total perv.
Imagine that then makes you wrong in knowing why you dropped out of grad school for fear of another Math class.
Imagine, you’re so wrong in feeling indebted that you pull two tonnes more of it onto the pile, just to see.
Imagine you’re wrong to simultaneously want to blush when the foreman on the jobsite calls you love, while knowing that you’re feeding the dragon that thrives on status quo.

Imagine knowing how exhausting it is to not ever really know when the right time is to call out the guys for being misogynists.
Imagine you’re wrong that women’s empowerment at work, in renewable energy in the Northeast, is welcome.
Imagine you’re wrong that the new guy that was hired with less experience but more money because he can pull off the wintertime ski trips with the ones who cut the checks.
Imagine you’re wrong that major corporations are better than small companies at managing social ineptitudes.

Imagine you’re wrong that it’s women who must do the work to create a world that is safe for us and our babies.
Imagine you’re wrong that the world could know peace, eventually.
Imagine you’re wrong that there is a way to balance out the power paradigms between male/female energies on this planet.
Imagine you’re wrong that Law of Attraction really exists, and that imagining what’s wrong actually draws more of what doesn’t work to the surface.

Imagine you’re wrong in believing that the inkling you have to help shape this planet towards being a safer place for future You’s, is important.
Imagine you’re wrong that your family is contorted in ways no one will ever understand.
Imagine you’re wrong that anybody gives a shit if the collective tides rise.
Imagine you’re wrong that there is a greater whole choreographing this entire existence into being.

Imagine you’re wrong that everything in life — everything — gestates.
Imagine you’re wrong that a little spice, and a little patience, will really solve this world’s pain.
Imagine you’re wrong that women must rise if we are to build a sustainable future for the children we bear.
Imagine you’re wrong that it all must start with radical self-love and pleasure deep down there.

Imagine you’re wrong that it matters that we know the word Vagina means a sword’s sheath.
Imagine you’re wrong that we ought to find a new way to communicate how special it is to be created Female.
Imagine you’re wrong that your shaman needs a little more structure, so you can trust him.
Imagine you’re wrong that it is a fundamental requirement that we ask permission of the plants when we participate in their abundance.

Imagine you’re wrong that your awareness of the patterns you get wrapped up in will ultimately shift them.
Imagine you’re wrong that emptying yourself out is a good way to bring in what’s good.
Imagine you’re wrong that new is better, young is healthier, and wounds should be healed.
Imagine you’re wrong that the wicked weirdness that you inhabit has the ultimate sex appeal.

Imagine you’re wrong that He won’t be able to see you until you’re doing your thing to such a marvelous extent that you enrapture the world with Him in it.
Imagine you’re wrong that our natural world speaks to us directly, fluently, and repeats itself as much as we need to hear.
Imagine you’re wrong that this planet is tired of the stories we tell each other that we’re not interesting or smart, beautiful or funny.
Imagine you’ve got it all wrong, and you’re here to fumble around, and it doesn’t matter if you’re happy or miserable or connected or disconnected.

Imagine, it all stops right now and this is all it ever was.
Did we get it all wrong?


ameliatracyAmelia Tracy is an old soul with many lives here on Earth. She understands people deeply, and works to coalesce them out of their habits that keep them restricted and uncomfortable. Amelia has developed a deep understanding of the connection between women’s biological design and our environment, knowing that if women don’t lead on restoring our planet, the efforts to curb climate change will be useless. This knowing has become a deep call to help women initiate themselves into action and right-relationship with the Earth, so that we can begin to lead the work of restoring our environment, and shifting our lifestyles so that we are a restorer species. Amelia builds projects in solar, Biomimicry, ecosystem services, holistic land management, and many other modalities to tangibly do this work. She is building a platform for women to start to get involved for themselves too, and she believes that every experience that we have throughout our lives is preparing us to do this work successfully. She believes that we must collect the fragmented parts of ourselves, and as a whole being, stand strongly and firmly to change course for our planet.


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