Piercing the Veil: Scorpio’s Samhain Descent. {Cosmic Connection}


The crunch. The pressure. The exhaustion. These are the prevalent energies pushing in from all sides.

It’s the perfect primal pressure cooker, heating up the cosmic coals that are forcing us to show up, rise up and speak up.

The energy of the Hunter’s Full Moon really kickstarted this process by doing two things: bringing massive closure to old, toxic situations hanging over our heads (and our heavy, congested hearts), and using that closure to ignite the coils and unleash the stresses and desires that we’ve been holding in, and holding on to.

Those circumstances we felt we just needed to deal with. Those desires we felt were far too distant to give voice to, maybe ones we didn’t feel worthy of… not just yet.

Not just yet. October has been rife with not just yet paradoxes. We’ve been feeling the urge to push forward while simultaneously feeling overcome with exhaustion at all we’re letting go of. It really has been the perfect spiritual storm of releasing so that we can absorb the harvest of our becoming. And this year has been all about emotional purging in preparation for the next plateau of our soul’s awakening.

Think about the last five years. Think about the myriad massive life changes so many of us have been through. Think of the global shifts that have both drawn us closer together and pushed us galaxies apart. Think of the face you saw in the mirror before your personal tectonic shifts began, and realize the face you see now, the heart you feel now, and the soul you lead with now.

Every choice, every (perceived) accident, every divinely timed lesson, every loss, every new direction has led you here. And here is still challenging, but let’s take this time for some introspection. It is, after all, the season of Samhain. The season of darkness. The season that gives us the opportunity to recede and reflect. To dive in and dig deep into not only ourselves, but our roots. Our lineage.

Diving deep can lead us to our bondage points. The links in the chains whose source lies at the end of that black tunnel, the chain seeming to float out of the darkness with no source, no anchor…

… because that anchor is us. We’re holding the chain, pulling it even. Lugging behind decades — maybe centuries — of ancestral, energetic debris.

The New Moon in Scorpio is this Sunday, the 30th. The day before Halloween. The day before the veil reaches its thinnest. On this day, we will have the power to re-envision our future by releasing our past.

With love.

On this day, we will be gifted with the opportunity to cast revitalizing spells. Personal commitments. New coordinates leading to reimagined destinations.

With hope.

On this day, we can harness the inspiration to create our own rituals of reclamation. Of connection. Of clarity. Of sight.

So, scry.

See your ancestors in your eyes.

Trace their lineage through the tree branches that connect the corners of your sockets to your smile.

Feel the ancient fires burning in your innermost hearth.

Offer them the suffering they weren’t able to squelch. Hand them the pain and torment they tried so hard to spare you from.

After the release, offer them your love. Thank them for all they’ve done. Thank them for who you are. And thank them for walking this dark path with you, in the name of release. In the name of rebirth. In the name of you.

New Moon blessings to you. Samhain blessings to you. Love, hope, clarity, and empowerment to you.


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Jillian Kristina
Jillian Kristina is writing the best chapter of her life, right now. Having just taken the leap of her life from grid-based city living to off-grid nature immersion, the words of this new chapter are spelling out a radical journey of extreme release, self-discovery and, for the first time in her life, a sense of pace and connection that can only be likened to ‘home’. Her renewed connection with nature has also inspired her to finally begin her Holistic Coaching business. Connect with her via her website, Instagram or Facebook.
Jillian Kristina
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