New Moon in Scorpio: A Shamanic Round You Shouldn’t Resist.


The Scorpio’s energy has come around to say:

“Your outside reality will be the mirror of the transformations that you may achieve on the inside. Don’t try to bend life to your will. Instead, take your own steps first and do your inner work. If you do so, you’ll be immensely rewarded.”

Warriors, this is a time for white magic and spells. With a New Moon that has risen in Scorpio on October 30th, you can transform your life if you manage bravely the cauldron of your own feelings, and know which dish you want to cook out of them.

The Scorpio’s energy will most likely refuse to leave until we’ve transformed what we deeply want to do differently in our lives into something that shows a higher vibration, and is more aligned with our divine destiny.

You could prefer to miss your turn. You could decide that this is too much to handle, that Scorpios are too fierce, insistent or relentless, and that diving as deep as they seem to ask could hurt for good.

I know what you’re feeling, I’m a Scorpio rising.

But please don’t listen to this melody, because this voice is that of fear. Instead, come with me for a shamanic round, I promise that you won’t regret it.


There is something that we want deep inside, that life has kept away from us until now. The Black Moon will bring clarity to this situation and help us understand why our outside realities have not aligned with our desires yet.

We are now expected to see clearly the relationships’ patterns or ways of being that have held us back from our goals.

Since the night of October 30th, absolutely nothing is required but ourselves in order to cast the divine spell and make the magic work.

First we need to know what we want to delete from our lives, and that’s why the Scorpio’s energy is needed. Only this sign is fierce enough to show us which deep-seated blocks, beliefs or fears lie within and have kept us away from our wishes.

These ways of functioning aren’t needed where we’re going now, and shall be cleared.

Scorpios are the kings of the unconscious. They extract from the most profound parts of ourselves what we don’t want to see, channel it to our conscious realms so that we could deal with it and transmute it for good.

A voice rising from beyond the grave is now available if we allow it. It knows and whispers why we still don’t have this beautiful thing.

Scorpios are insistent but they’re not bad. They simply know that we can achieve what we want in this life, if we do the work.

They know that we can handle this kind of witchery, or we wouldn’t be reading these lines.

Then of course we need to know what our hearts truly want, because this will be the result of the transmutation that’s about to happen.

But that’s the easy part because if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve always known. No, it’s not too big. We can have it if we transform consciously what’s holding us back from our highest goals into something more beautiful and light.


Now is a time where we can be our own magicians because as the completion year reaches its end, moving forward won’t come from the outside.

This time, the planets and energies are working in favor of the sorcerers who see an immense world within and start by exalting what’s available in their hearts.

Moving forward will be about seeing the past in order to get rid of the old habits and patterns that we’ve outgrown.

We will begin to materialize new dawns and the sunny connections that we’ve dreamt of if we do achieve success within.

Sometimes the key of movement is found within the peace of a room. Sometimes, it’s not that much about leaving situations in the physical world, but about starting over with the same protagonists while using new ways of relating and behaving.

Sometimes, a new life isn’t that much about changing places and people, but about bringing a breath of fresh air to what was.


Scorpios’ medals are hard to get, and the New Moon will most likely refuse to let us sleep until we’ve seen that. Unfortunately, we were wrong sometimes and partly responsible for the sadness that has happened to us before, but old hurts could remain in the past from now on if we decide to act differently in the future.

Scorpios’ lessons are tough because they will never tell us that it’s not our fault at all, that we are — and always were — just little and vulnerable white angels.

Scorpios want us to see where we could be the leaders of our destinies, and where we could be the change that we’ve been expecting so deeply. 

They are the shamans of the zodiac, so they’ll always make us see that we’re the unique true masters of our paths, and that we can always start over in a different manner if that’s our desire.

Shamans never blame other souls. They know that we’ll never master anything that’s on the outside, and that this game isn’t what life is about.

We can only master ourselves.

Shamans find out what they should transform within to reach their goals, and then they do the work.  Scorpios never give up, because they can feel that they’re their own key to success.

Don’t be afraid of the Scorpios’ energy, it has come back as your saving grace.

What do you want to have and manifest in your life? Where have you been self-sabotaging, honestly?

How could you turn this grey way of being and loving into something golden?

You know what you could change.

If you manage to transmute your own grey into light, the Moon will bring you what you want.

You’re now ready.

A few months ago, you didn’t know that. The journey is an adventure, and you needed to reach this specific point to see how to restart in a different way.

Don’t feel guilty because you needed to travel so far in order to see the truth, don’t blame yourself for not seeing the light before the sunrise.

Growth has always been a process.

Anyway, this specific spell wouldn’t have worked sooner because you needed a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, and at the end of the completion year, to make it all work out.

You’re okay. In fact, you’ll be just great.

Happy November, warriors. Let’s not forget that the most enlightening roads are the ones that we travel within.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a thinker. You may often find her with a new idea or a new concept to explain, holding a notebook and pencil. Also found reading and writing, she is more than anything an independent soul. She enjoys traveling and getting lost in new places, namely in Asia. She says it helps understanding our worlds, its people and the humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality, and to keep the little piece of sanity she still has. She savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook, her writing page or her website.


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