Message for the Feminine: True Love Is Waiting for You.


Ladies, you’ve felt betrayed, abandoned and even rejected sometimes. The Masculine hasn’t always treated you as you deserved.

Yes, you deserve more, because you were always meant for love in its highest and purest form.

Those memories that are coming to your mind right now are over, and shall never be replayed because you’re taking back the reins of your life.

But strangely, this time you don’t want or need to blame anyone because you know that all these past fights and sorrows were only about you. While you were discussing with the men of your life, you were only talking to yourself and trying to draw the line between what felt right and respectful for you and what didn’t.

You were assessing to what extent you could compromise in order to receive love and care from another.

The truth is that we say Yes to anything, even to what feels not aligned, until we learn to stand completely on our own two feet.

But all this is behind you now. You’ve become strong enough, wise enough and brave enough to lead your life on your own… so you’ll always choose You.

From now on, you’ll only say Yes to the man who respects you fully — your identity, your deepest interests and your intimacy.

This is why True Love is now waiting for you.


Before this divine relationship, you needed lessons, as we all do.

If you think you could forget about a part of your soul, or even accept being treated in a way that hurts, just so you could be with him, you’d be wrong. Real love never asks us to abandon ourselves, love doesn’t have to be a mess or leave scars on our heart.

You may have done this in the past because you thought that you needed someone to feel happy, strong, safe and sound. Maybe you had decided sometimes to forget part of who you are, to make sure that you would keep a man. Or perhaps you had chosen to wait or chase, to make sure that you wouldn’t miss such a guy. But The One who is meant for you would never need to be run after.

You’ve tried to compromise because you were afraid of what life could be if you were to leave, and because you wanted love to win.

You’ve made efforts to stay even when it didn’t feel aligned. You’ve been brave when you decided to speak the truth of your heart, and to say that you loved even when you didn’t; you’ve fought so hard.

That was honest and beautiful.

But love was never about that, about becoming someone else to keep someone, about making the impossible possible for a man, or even about being always there in case he would change his mind.

The truth is that we never needed anyone. Life is only too hard if we’re not able to master ourselves independently. Life is joy if we can find out what we truly like and do that — in other words, if our reality is aligned with our truth.

If life feels both happy and safe, we don’t need anyone and there is no reason to settle for anyone other than the man who truly falls for us.

But don’t blame them, the men of your life. You were responsible for being in these situations, you had chosen some sort of role to play in the storyline. Those situations were only the reflection of the perception that you had of your own worth.

We never settle for less when we know that we deserve more.


The man of your dreams has always been waiting for you. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, or the final reward, after you’ve learnt all that you needed to know.

That man will love and respect you exactly as you are. He won’t try and tame you because he knows you don’t need him, and that you would never change to fit his own expectations.

The One who’s meant for you will love you without conditions, even if you become your true self, even if you become strong or if you shine.

He’ll love you even if you abandon your suits and your degrees, because he has fallen in love with your heart and soul.

He’ll love you even if you change, because the more you grow and get close to your soul’s song, what you’ll find will be precisely what he likes in you.

He doesn’t need a woman to support him either, so his choice to love you will only come from his heart. He doesn’t need to check his own worth through the number of women that he can have or the brightness of your status.

He doesn’t need you to feel good in his own skin. He’ll choose you only because you are that specific woman.

He’ll respect you when you’re strong, because he doesn’t need a weak woman to feel powerful.

He’ll hold you when you cry, because he knows that advanced souls have scars, and that bravery oftentimes comes from pain.

He’ll respect your desires, your wishes and what makes your heart shine, because he won’t fear you’ll leave him if you find your power.

He’ll be your cornerstone even if you run way when love gets scary.

He won’t try and tame you, because what he loves in you is this wildness, this freedom of your own, and the way that you love yourself so deeply.

He’ll respect you because you’ve found the strength to master yourself. You won’t scare him, because he’ll be the embodiment of strength.

He’ll honor your body and never forget that your skin is the sacred door of your soul. He’ll recall that sex is the climax of love, which will never happen with you for fleeting pleasure.

You’ll choose Him, and he will choose You.

That One would never have you compromise your heart.


You’re now ready for that love. True Love is about to meet you in your truth, and your truth is the magnificence of your feminine heart.

Don’t be afraid to rise, don’t try to be less than who you are in the name of love, don’t dim your light to keep a man.

Just forgive him — and yourself, if need be — and move to the next level.

What is the next level?

It will be him if he stays, now that you’re powerful and that you know yourself.

It won’t be him if he liked you only as that previous version — when you needed a savior, when you couldn’t dare to do this or that because you were afraid, when you couldn’t let yourself be that much, that shiny, that powerful or that fun.

If it’s not him, that’s okay. True Love is about to find you anyway.

The ones who leave your life when you find your power were never meant to stay.

Rise, Goddess, rise, as high as you can. Strengthen yourself, as deep as you can.

Now that you’re becoming the Divine Feminine embodied, you’ll never accept to settle for less than the Divine Masculine itself.

Rise as high as you can. And you shall meet him there, above the sky — your Warrior, The One.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a thinker. You may often find her with a new idea or a new concept to explain, holding a notebook and pencil. Also found reading and writing, she is more than anything an independent soul. She enjoys traveling and getting lost in new places, namely in Asia. She says it helps understanding our worlds, its people and the humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality, and to keep the little piece of sanity she still has. She savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook, where she proposes readings about romances, love and personal empowerment.


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