In a System That Was Built Broken, It’s Time to ‘Write’ the Wrongs.


I see a fated deflated doom of words and hearts bent low under the umbrella of this mind-blowing outcome.

Thoughts and wants of fleeing the country, fists pounding against the heavy cemented sky of damnation that we are all fucked. Jaws clenched so hard, teeth are cracking.

It is a bitter pill to swallow and we’re choking on it, throwing it up. Heaving. Thousands of tears are falling. Like torrential rains, like monsoon season flooding the inside of our thirst for change, our aching belly of grumbling hunger for the right representation of the people to stand with feet planted into ground like the roots of a full-grown tree.

And this is the change we got.

A man with a last name that says it all. Trumping values, morals and basic birthrights. The minority of this country have spoken. And they won. Not the popular vote, but they won. And we are whirling ass backwards.

I want to shout out to the young ones and say:

Dear young ones,

I’m so sorry this is what it has all come down to, regardless of the outcome. Either way, the system was built broken. What a heavy load to carry. What a mess of madness we — yes, we, because ‘we’re all one’, right? — continue for you. Hold strong and steady. Rocky waters ahead. Root in. Be solid in who you are. Be warriors and warrior-esses.

Take this humongous pile of crap and fertilize it with your grace, your depth, your integrity and intelligence of heart. You are brilliant, resilient and powerful. Remember that. Remember that. Remember that. Always. All ways. I love you.


For so many of us, this is a death sentence for our nation and world. For equally as many, it is a radical celebration of Yes! The system has prevailed once again, over and over again, to cause a gaping divide. It has been set up this way. It wants us to war between each other. It feeds off it.

And now that this is what stands before us in a looming apparition that has become a reality, what do we do with the tremor of fear, despair, disgust, rage, grief that surges through the veins of many?

Today, this is all I have come up with: For me, I must, and choose to, sit in the in-between, a place I always strive for, and not fate anything or anyone to anything. I imbue myself with curiosity, an inquisitive nature, and drop the story of how it’s going to be, but rather discover it as it unfurls itself, as a choice that the nation and humanity I am an intrinsic part of made.

Tantrums and grief are necessary to release the pressure, the heart-blow, the mind-spin. And then, we must rest, regain composure, stop screaming, blaming, shaking our righteous asses all over the place, and land in our own sense of equilibrium, so we can, at the very least, ripple that out into the frenzy of Holy-shit’s and I-told-you-so’s.

From the mouth of our new President Elect, “This is huge. It’s gonna be huge.”

Okay, let it be huge.

And let us find the strength to have our love and equanimity be huger.


Dear Donny,

Don’t be that guy


Do not be
a loose cannon
archaically heavy-footing
anything and anyone
who is not white and rich and male

And by the way
You’re orange

The color of the second chakra
where your penis is

Don’t lead with that


Please don’t be that guy

Don’t fuel the fire of
hate and rage
blindly hacking through
the lives of human beings
Slinging tantrums
like one who… what?

Never got breastfed?

Is that what happened?

Were you whipped by a ball-busting mama?
(I had one of those)
Stomped on by your abusive father?
(Yep, I had one of those, too)

And guess what,
I wasn’t breastfed either

Whatever happened to you as a child
Whatever fed your soul sick
Whatever arrogance masks the
real human being inside you
Dismantle it

Chisel the armor that bullies
because inside that bully
is a vulnerable little boy
shivering from the craving of
the love you never got
that clearly
stunted your growth

Fertilize it, Donny boy!
Grow yourself wise-hearted
and unbroken

Maybe you need a hug

or a rebirthing session from my friend, John

Maybe a hands-on healing
so you can access
the intrinsic intelligence
that resides in the heart of
every living breathing being

I would love this for you

In fact,
maybe tonight
I will light a candle
for you
in hopes you soften
and stand
a humbled man

a healed man

who guides
with a moral compass
of insight, reason,
and here’s that word again: Equanimity

Yes, I will hold this for you

in the heart of all that is compassion
because the wound you spew
must hurt so bad
that all you know how to do
is hurt back, lashing

You must grow now
You have an adult job to do
and yes, It’s gonna be huge
so grow now
For the love of all things
sane and sacred
please do grow now

With love and in no way holding my breath,

~ Leslie


LeslieCaplan02Leslie Caplan is a fiercely courageous heart who has found her way whole through the alchemy of writing. She is a powerful advocate for writers, and uses the depth of her skill and innate abilities to support them going deeper into their stories. A professional editor, writing coach and internationally published writer, Leslie brings it to real with an unwavering passion for honesty & fluidity of voice, heart & content. You can find her at her website.


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