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Connecting with My Inner Witch.


Witch: (noun) a person untamed by the world, aware of their power and unflinching in the face of fire.

My life has been full of weird coincidences: thinking of someone, and then they call, wanting to listen to a song, and it comes on the radio, that kind of thing. Being knocked down in a big way with the certainty that I’d be alright and change was coming. Have you also felt that way? Nature likes to trip us up, for sure. The minute we think we’re secure or stable, whoosh! There goes the floor from underfoot.

But we come back stronger for it, don’t we?

I have grown up with witches. They live in my stories, they are in my feminine blood, they haunt the primal part of my brain. I have been called again and again by the ocean and the forest to lose myself. I hope I have the chance to encounter wilderness many times before I crumble into glittery dust.

When it feels like the Universe is against me, which is often so in my silly young mind,I pull myself back and remember what I’ve been through already. I have all the power I need, right here in this body and this mind, to succeed.

I was born to a line of powerful women, and I seek my inner power. I have already lived a life on edge in my time so far. I have faced death since the hour I was born. I seek the inner power of the rulers I was named for, to make bold eye contact instead of looking at the ground. Mother Earth, you are beautiful and I love you, but I must raise my eyes to the sky.

It’s an internal battle sometimes, between conditioning and the reserves of strength I hide from most people. I like to be underestimated, and maybe therein lies my problem. I want to be able to look others in the eye as equals, but I shy away from shaking things up. I have a lot of questions as to why that might be, but I suspect fear is the culprit. I fear being seen.

The woman I want to be is still hidden in the mist. She will not part from it for me just yet, not until I can understand and respect her true power. She is wild as Nature when the mood takes her, radiating feminine energy and magnetizing force. She nurtures flowers, brews healing tea, steps through this life with head held high and a mischievous twinkly eye.

Strength is where the witch began, and it’s where she’ll go back to. On this path, connection is everything. I am disconnected from myself, and I do her a disservice. Mother Nature calls because I am meant to take her in as a tonic in this man-made world. I must remember the witch; who she was in my bloodline is what I will become.

There is a person inside us all who has untapped reserves of strength and wisdom, if only we care to listen. It doesn’t matter what you call it — witchery, a blessing, your own oomph, and kapow! What matters is that you — we — use it. So mote it be.


JosephineHicksJosephine Hicks is a poet living her best life and listening to the call of the Universe for her purpose. She longs for a questing existence. Challenge is something she embraces (after digging her heels in a little…) and she is a fighter at heart. She loves love. Unable to settle for long, she is an adventurer. She wants to honor those who are the best at what they do. Fearlessness is her aspiration, and nature is her teacher. You could contact her via her website.


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