The New Nationalism: Though Hands Shake, Heaven Shuns the Agreement.


This is the year of global realignment, as nations become profoundly more unbounded.

Those that esteem political neutrality will be annexed ideologically despite their seeming autonomy, embracing ethics they once rejected. Their shift foreshadows war, which they will deny and denounce even as accounts increase daily of dissension. Therefore, don’t be deceived by the ease of speech and their willingness to reach beyond differences. War is imminent.

The star of the Far East with its Great Wall will be challenged on its national will. Meanwhile, the constellations in the Middle will become civil by summer, as diplomats devise different maps to mitigate hostilities. These maps will mollify briefly the hatred eating at citizens’ souls. By autumn, however, they will act as if maps never existed and diplomats missed it altogether.

A rise in markets will produce a surplus in capital and an excess of conceit, which will support unprecedented arms, destroying families, fields and farms. Hence also the increase in food prices in certain places as citizens assume military fierceness. By an artificial necessity each will be conscripted.

This necessity, however, is scripted, being crafted to claim its authors aims, namely, the inevitability of change and the need for acquiescence before resistance.

Convinced thus, leaders will thrust the immediate need for a steed which nations can steer towards global calm. Hence the proliferation of arms. Hence also the use of charm to cheat reason (and conscience) of its right. “It seems,” many will say, “they are right.” Others will speak daggers in every address. Their goal is unilateralism.

The result will shift States and their surrogates, superseding the failure of the European Union and the nascent North American nexus. Characteristically, shifts shelter attempts to gauge where to stage the next event by which nations are sent further abroad, forgiving grievances and differences. America’s eminence will also be challenged.

The fever of the ’50s and ’60s will reheat until the cold war re-speaks its hatred of your nation. The seeming and soothing, which each leader asserts, will breed sorrow ultimately. They won’t, however, directly confront each other.

Confrontation will occur rather through surrogates and allies even as leaders advise diplomacy. This farce will furnish the furnace with heat that will eventually release nuclear strikes. These strikes will be seen in the acceleration of nuclear armament. S.A.L.T. (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) talks will stall even as nations call for moderation all while increasing their capacity.

By year end, peace will pretend to prevail. Yet, by winter, peace will wither and leaders will wager strident statements of national intentions. By 2018, war will scream and woe will ravage, as the savage asserts itself.

Leaders who oppose this road will be dethroned. They will hold their positions but lose their influence, being deemed dangerous stumps stopping the global gallop towards the new nationalism. The Arts will also be used to erode their authority, satire especially. In fact, claims formerly confined to Saturday Night Live will frame arguments and sway many.

Combined with an increase in fabricated news, these leaders will be condemned for ignoring the writing on the wall. To them, however, this writing signifies graffiti and graft, efforts to have by deceit what can’t be gained by default when conscience objects.

The stained glass (Church) with its stained past must cease to gasp and gaze, reflecting rather than rejecting the world and its ways. It must change its focus and discern its motives to wield My wisdom and power. Else it will continue to be exploited by those it deems anointed, but who are opportunists instead. Your own focus must be fierce to pierce the false and perceive the true.

Begin by recalling that I and My kingdom both are in you. In doing so, you will prevail despite the lies the new nationalism tells.


joelbryantA former corporate trainer and university lecturer, Dr. Joel Bryant is an avid reader, writer, speaker, thinker and dreamer. He is also the author of over 40 books on various topics, each exploring themes of change, growth and greatness. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UNC Charlotte, where he spent five years lecturing in the Philosophy Department. He resides in Charlotte, NC.


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