Lady Justice. {poetry}


At the beginning of the election season, I realized that the duality of political parties is no longer beneficial to the greater good of our country.

Both political parties were failing to see and acknowledge their own severe flaws, and the positive qualities of others. Still, I found myself in this political system, and I knew that I would ultimately have to make a decision.

So I set out on a mission to stand from a nonpartisan view and to see the truth — the good qualities and severe flaws of both sides, including my own (which I worked very hard to let go of!). This was an immense challenge. But I vowed to remain fierce in the name of peace. I called upon Lady Justice and my birth sun of Libra to help me to see all sides and facts clearly.

I wore my hat of Saraswati as I researched for endless hours, dug through miles of false media, until finally I saw it — the bright qualities and the severe flaws of both presidential candidates.

Remembering the humbleness of my knees, I realized, how does one person really know the path of the highest good of this country? So I called upon the directions, the elements, the above and the below, and I prayed not for one candidate to win, but for the greatest good of all things, our country, this planet, and our universe.

I lit candles around the room, and every candle I lit ignited love and light from all directions of the world. I felt peace and clarity.

The day came, and I made the very difficult decision on the ballot.

Today, I hold the sword of discernment, and I feel the grave pain and disappointment of one party, and the relief and celebration of another. I understand both, and I pray for the highest good, whatever that might be.

Throughout this election, I have seen several Yoga communities advocate for a side, and schedule times to meditate to elevate the vote for a specific candidate or political detail. But please, remember humbleness. Is it really possible to know the details of the greatest good of all? Everyone and everything holds darkness and light. Remember, there is a divine plan, and love always wins in the end.

I invite you to release the story, and to pray for the highest good of all things.

As Lady Justice, I whisper with love:

My love is with you all, no matter what side.

Pull your sword of discernment and you will see,

Shadows and light rest in every person,

Whomever they may be.

Both sides are flawed, both sides are bright.

The sides are but an illusion,

For we are all darkness and light.

Remember we are all one,

There is only one side.

So pray for the greatest good,

No matter who it may or may not be.

No matter what, light will prevail.

Follow me and you shall see.


Much love,

Lady Justice


cathleenbottiniCathleen Bottini is a fun-loving horsewoman and yogi. Among her talents are writing and professional videography. She will graduate with her Masters of Public Health degree in May 2016, and aspires to be the CEO of a pediatric healthcare organization.


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