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In 2017, Stand up for Yourself.


2017 is underway, and it already feels like a brand new round.

While the past year was all about feeling and introspecting in order to get rid of our past and inadequate versions, 2017 will fill our lives with what we’ve been expecting for so long.

2017 is about to answer our prayers now that we’ve made room for big fresh starts. Now is the time to create and take action based on the truths we’ve seen as 2016 was unfolding.

This will doubtlessly be a year of doing and being out there — 12 months to try new activities, projects, people and places based on what we know now about ourselves.

So, how shall we do that? Ladies and gentlemen, warriors and goddesses, this is the manifesto for our next ride.


Warriors, find the strength to claim your own values, beliefs and ways of seeing our world. Find the bravery to become what you feel at heart that you are.

Find the strength to say No to anything, any situation or relationship that sounds wrong, disrespectful, less than what you need, untrue, unreliable, unfair. Distance yourself from what can’t reflect your inner beauty.

Break free from the situations that keep you captive in the dark, in cages — slave of dogmas or rules that don’t feel true.


Step out, but don’t simply quit. Step out and rebuild yourself.

To find the strength do this, believe that you’ll be supported by life. Have faith and take baby steps. Understand that if you believe in life, then life will break your fall.

See for yourself that if you walk in the direction of what feels right, even if this is absolutely impossible, incredibly powerful and too much for you, you’ll achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Set your intentions for this New Year and ask yourself: What have I found out so far? How do I want to make my dreams become true ? What does the life that you want to live look like?

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t turn away from your power, your visions, your goosebumps, your truth. Promise yourself that you’ll never turn back.

If you turn back, it’s because you don’t believe in the happy endings of your dreams. If you turn back, it’s because you believe it when they say you’re too much, too big, too eclectic, too unreasonable.

If you turn back, it’s because you don’t wish to see the power that you hold, it’s because you’re feeding your fears instead of making your own essence real.

If you turn back, it’s because you believe more in drama than in beauty.

Change your glasses, and see the world through lenses of action, mission and possibility.

If you turn back, you simply postpone your joy. This story of yours, this novel of your rising, is already set in stone, so if you pretend that you don’t feel it, you’re only deferring the creation of your life, the construction of your self, the painting of your canvas to another day.


Now hold your vision close to your heart, and give all your energy to it.

This is what you want to experience in your life. Go for it. Start where you are.

Time and steps and rhythm don’t matter. Just start and believe, just start and trust that you’ll meet what you need on the way.

Don’t plan, don’t try to unveil what’s ahead, don’t chase your becoming. Simplify, don’t use your time to build the stories of your future. Your future is an illusion, the only thing that you have is now, and your future will simply flow from the sum of your nows.

Your power is in the present moment, you’ve absolutely nowhere else to put it.

Don’t worry about how this will unfold, just take your steps. Allow your life to be an adventure, a divine mystery, a travel with no endings.

Imagine, why would you like to know what’s ahead on a trip or how long you’ll stay in this or that place? This would only take your attention away from what’s truly happening in your life, from the landscapes that are passing in front of our eyes. This would only distract you from the magic of unexpected possibilities. Instead, enjoy the journey, and stay or leave when you feel the time is right.

Don’t become a medium of your life, a probabilistic reader of your destiny. Take your power back from fantasies, and rebuild.

Have a dream and act to get closer to it. Forget about all the other ways, the paths already taken, the roads already traveled, and the destinies that you know deep down are not yours.

But don’t use the word dream — a word for those who believe that life is either dreamed or lived, either imagined or real. Instead, live your dreams, embody the energy of your goals, align with those places, people and things that set your heart on fire.

Let’s use the word vision instead — visualize what you want in life, and aim for it. Show me that you’re the bridge between dreams and reality, between your deepest truth and life.

Discover your heaven on this earth.


“This is the struggle, the part of the spiritual path that makes people turn back. It’s the crossroads of the self. This crossroads, and the perception of the path less traveled, is what facilitates the attacks. Attacks of the fears, the doubts and those preprogrammed and societally imposed parts of you. ~ Becky Hernandez

Write down your fears and love them. Cherish them, make them your safety net. With them you’ll never fall, you’ll never end up on a grey canvas, you can never lose track of reality. Let them speak, they’ll be your allies.

Write down your doubts and see what they become. Write down what you think is impossible, and prove those doubts wrong.

Write these down, and come back to them a year later. Write these down, and feel already proud of what you’re going to demonstrate as untrue.

Believe in your strength, your qualities, your power, your truth, even when you, while alone, believe in your worst-case scenarios.

Once you know yourself, once you’ve accepted and passed the most challenging exercise of all times, that of knowing yourself, no longer imagine what you want, but do it. Don’t think, but act.

Gnothi seauton, Socrates argued. You’ve walked with a torch within your labyrinthine self. You’ve seen it all, so that you could now create from a place of accurate inner knowing.

If you’re scared, remember your days of glory, the hours when you broke all the rules and soared. Remember how fragile you first felt when taking the road of your heart, but remind yourself how beautifully you won over the so-called impossibilities.

Remember how far you’ve come. Remember all the obstacles you’ve overcome. Feel deep within yourself the success you sensed on those magical days. Feel it and breathe it in, feel your ancient power and claim it as yours.

Now walk, and show the world what fire’s burning behind your smile, what’s hiding in the depths of those eyes of yours. Now show everyone what you came here to be.


Be your own hero. Don’t wait for anyone to lift you up. Nobody will.

If you can’t yet see you’re doing this for the world, at least do it for yourself. Show yourself what you’re capable of. Show us your splendor. Stop hiding because you’re too much, too eclectic, too smart, too up in the air, too weird, too beautiful, too crazy, too sparkling.

Never dim your light because it’s too much to carry, because you’re scared of your magic, or because they can’t stand it.

You might be scared because you know you’ll be alone. You can sense that your abilities and gifts and visions are most likely not shared by anyone else. You’re wondering what happens on the road less traveled.

You could be scared because there is no box where you fit anymore, but that’s okay because you’re building your own.

Don’t be afraid of being alone, because you won’t be so for long. You’ll meet your tribe as you walk on your path, but what is most important, you’ll meet yourself, your core, your soul. You’ll be with yourself every step of the way, and this is the most beautiful person that you could meet.

You and yourself are the greatest match.

Now go ahead, and start walking at your own pace. There is no rush and no race, but don’t turn back.

We’re all in this together, every step of the way.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a thinker. You may often find her with a new idea or a new concept to explain, holding a notebook and pencil. Also found reading and writing, she is more than anything an independent soul. She enjoys traveling and getting lost in new places, namely in Asia. She says it helps understanding our worlds, its people and the humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality, and to keep the little piece of sanity she still has. She savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook, where she proposes readings about romances, love and personal empowerment.


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