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Live, Laugh, Learn… And Remember, Always, You Are Loved.


These words, this message, showed up to me. On paper. Through ink, by words written in my hand. But they were not mine.

They came to me from the same ones who come to me in my sleep. The ones who stir my soul to speak.

They come to let me know that they see me, that they love me. That they have my back. I’ve asked them before by which name I should call them and they answered, Angels. I’m not a religious woman. I believe in spirit rather than god, energy rather than heaven. Yet here they are — these angels from the deep who show up when my guard is down.

They show up when I’m tired and ready to give up. They show up when I’m fed up and want to walk away. They show up to urge me onward. To remind me of how great I am… already.

This message is from them — through me — for all of us.

They say:

Life is meant to be experienced. It’s not enough to just get through the day, we must do the work and connect and move and feel and love and share.
Kiss people.
Hug them.
Coo at babies.
Make silly faces at toddlers.
Make a silly face in the mirror.
Say I love you and
Mean it
Shine your face to the sun
Stare at the moon, make love under her light
Go for a walk in the rain. Go for a walk in the snow.
You’ll get wet, it may be cold. It’s okay. You’ll be okay. You’ll go home and towel off, you’ll have a warm drink. You’ll normalize.
Feel everything. All the good. All the bad. Don’t run from pain. Don’t shrink away from challenge. It’s all good. It all holds space in the story of your life.
This is how you grow. This is how you learn.
You are stronger than you think. More capable than you know.
Do you know this?
But really, do you?
That you have it in you to make a difference? That this world is meant to be lived, not merely survived?
So go out dancing. You will sweat, your feet may get tired, you may stay out too late and sleep in the next day, go out anyway.
Spend time laughing.
Laugh at the absurdity of it all. Laugh at the beauty of it all. Laugh with those you love, and laugh with those who challenge you. But don’t laugh at them or at yourself, laugh for them and for yourself. Because laughter awakens the soul. Don’t you feel it?
Laugh until your ears hurt and tears stream down your cheeks. Laugh until you fall to the floor, and then hold your companion close and tell them you love them. Tell them how they make you feel, how they’ve changed your life. And hug them. Kiss them. Tell them your stories. Listen to theirs.
Cry over the absurdity of it all. Cry so hard that your eyes hurt and there are puddles on the floor. Tell your companion you love them. Hug them. Kiss them, and do it all over again.
Life is meant to be lived. So go,
This is your time,
Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week or until the bills are paid or you’ve lost 5 lbs.
Go now. Begin.
And remember, always, you are loved.


shawnaturnerShawna Turner believes in empowerment, transformation, love, magic, the Divine, vulnerability, stepping into your fullest potential and living the life you’re meant to live, and stoking the creative fire and dancing among its flames. Through movement, writing, study, tea, treats and stories shared, she hopes that we come to better know ourselves, and through this knowing, come to better understand each other so that we can affect change. She teaches Yoga and Pilates, and leads chakra workshops in her community in Toronto. You could contact her via her website or Instagram.


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