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Speak Up, Love.


{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}


Speak to me, Love, the words from your heart. Mine will listen with understanding, without judgment.

Speak gently, sweetly, kindly, roughly, harshly, passionately, shyly, in any way. Whatever the spirit needs to share, my soul will embrace the message coming from yours.

No more casual talk. Let’s forget about the weather, sports or work; let’s talk meaning, purpose, intention. Let’s talk fears, desires, dreams; whatever stops you from moving forward and makes you feel powerless, what makes you cringe and break out in tears. Of all that elevates and excites you, what gives you goosebumps and thrills you.

No more light or smooth talk. Let’s break out of our shell, take off any masks, and as naked and bare as we may feel, let’s show our essence, let’s speak our truth.

What we are is what we are, this is us, as is. That is what I want. Not a pile of lies, defense mechanisms or coping skills, not what you learnt to say or repeat. Not what you naturally followed to fit in according to the rules and norms, to be just a number and not stand up in the crowd or be rebellious against all bearings which held little truth; not the old crap, the usual shield.

I want a new you, the one hidden in the corner, ashamed or guilty, being careful not to be found or seen. The inadequate one, the freak, the weird one — regardless of what you call it, I refuse to apply any labels to you.

What was silenced before, I want to hear loud and clear. Even if you shake or tremble, mumbling the words as scary as the act seems, say what you’d hidden and buried since learning how it made you vulnerable and susceptible to attack and harm, all that could have been offensive, inappropriate or censored by others. I’m here to hear and listen with an empathetic and compassionate heart.


{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}


What you thought was sinful, what you felt was wrong, the songs of your spirit, the beats of your heart, the accents of your soul, I’m here to take in with complete acceptance.

Aren’t you tired of all that covers what is worth being here for? Of all the mumbo jumbo that ultimately means nothing at all, or the drunk and numbed confessions that lend fake courage to us?

I want a real, genuine, authentic, pure, original, true you. I’m the right audience and forum, you can look me in the eye for as long as you want, not withholding anything, and wanting to blend in and feel comfortable with my contact.

Moving from that place of pain where we all are or have been once, moving to our present which is today, I want you to prove with me that we are all one, that community exists, that connection is necessary to keep going in a world where we have learnt to fly solo.

My rare bird, let’s soar together as we are meant to. We can mend our wings or grow new ones. Whatever you wish to do, let us be an example of the One Love that I know exists when I look at you.

Speak up, dear heart, and then listen to the core and the curves of mine that are speaking softly to you. It’s One Love, darling, One Love; that’s what we are, as is.


AdrianaArzeta02Adriana Arzeta is a passionate Mexican artist and community worker, who was adopted by Canada 11 years ago. The culture shock, the experiences in a less sexist and a more free life, and a loving and fantastic Universe, gave her the chance to finally own herself and play the main role/protagonist in the story of her life. She is growing older and wiser, and is a crazy dancer, mother of two humans and two canines. She surfs the waves of life with enthusiasm, compassion and acceptance, and avoids any judgmental tides to keep away from drowning as she knows that’s just her own insecurities floating around. She paints every day, loves, plays and works hard, and fights against depression in Kamloops, BC. She is a member of the Glow Street team. You can contact her via Facebook.


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