Love Poem by an Imperfectionist. {poetry}


I will wake you up early in the mornings,

Just to kiss you gently on your eyelashes,

I’ll clumsily bring you breakfast in bed,

And spill tea all over the sheets,

With my awkward balancing act of mugs, toast, plates and bed springs,

So you can roll your eyes and laugh with joy.


I will leave love notes in your pocket,

Finger-drawn hearts on the bathroom mirror

And daily stories of hurt and hope in your mind.


I talk through movies,

I like to act out scenes I’ve remembered by heart.

I talk with my mouth full of cookies,

As crumbs fall into my curls and onto my lap,

I swear with no regret

Like a tattooed, burly biker drinking beer

And not a care in the world if I sound unladylike.


I will love you with too many smiles in pigtails,

Too many arms reaching out holding a paintbrush,

And your borrowed jumper covered in orange paint

Whilst making dreamcatchers at 10 am on a bleak Sunday.


My eyeliner on your pillowcase,

My hair in the plug,

The scent of my vanilla perfume on your work shirt.

Hairgrips found in the back pocket of your jeans

And borrowed socks that now proudly exhibit a hole for the big toe.


I make the best pesto pasta you’ve ever tasted,

Because it is the only thing I cannot burn.

I’ll unabashedly dance in the kitchen as I chop the garlic.

And I’ll squirt cream into my mouth when I think you are not looking.


I’ll lick the honey jar,

My clothes are as mismatched as my unruly hair

My fingerprints on your computer screen

My to-do lists on your desk

My tears on your t-shirt as I hand over my heartache like bittersweet chocolate

For you to taste so I don’t taste it alone.

And I’ll place my mangoes with your bananas like fruity best friends.


I’ll take you to far away places, just to see you marvel at the world,

Draw pictures for you in the sand,

I can’t figure out travel maps,

All those lines and symbols make my head swirl

But I’m great at asking for directions.


I will use your toothbrush because I have forgotten mine,

And your empty shower gel bottles? Yeah, that was me too.

I love that masculine, sandalwood scent lathering on my body; it makes me think of you, it makes me feel sexy.


You’ll find me sitting in the sunspot by the backdoor, staring at clouds

Or catnapping in pretzel-like shapes under a woolly blanket on the sofa

Whilst spilling hot chocolate down my sweater

and lose my grip of the laptop as it falls on the floor.


You’ll find every part of me in every nook and cranny of your home,

Within every chipped mug, burned donuts and soup-stains on the carpet.


Like cherished memories that will make you say Do you remember that time when you tripped up the stairs and spilled the milk and cereal all over the hallway?


I count every hand held, on chilly walks along the coastline

Every kiss under the blanket of stars,

And every breath on my skin, as a blessing.


I wake up early to catch a glimpse of your sweet face

And feel the gentle hum of your heartbeat.

I’ll say Honey, shall we go for a walk? It’s a beautiful day.

And you’ll say No, my darling, let’s stay in bed and snuggle, the view is beautiful right here.


I am your soft avocado girl, with inky fingers and a nutty heart.

And I’ll love you with all my clumsy affections and sweet imperfections.


KatieNessKatie Ness is a mixed media artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and diplomas in Art as therapy and Dance therapy. She is also a children’s Yoga teacher, a tribal fusion belly dancer, and poet. Katie is a contributing writer for Yogi Approved, Bad Yogi, has prose poetry featured on Elephant Journal, and she is currently working on her first illustrated poetry book. She lives in Devon, yet travels extensively, and can be found practicing Yoga in woodlands and by the sea. You could contact Katie via email, her blog or Instagram.


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