3 Reasons to Leave the Excuses Behind and Travel.


We have been gifted with an incredibly vast and beautiful world to explore and discover (both within us and all around us) and yet, many people barely venture beyond their own city limit signs, let alone out of state, province or country… and while there is nothing wrong with this, I daresay the best education you will ever receive will come through travel.

The most life-altering experiences will arise when you leave your comfort zone. The most memorable of memories will be found when you spread your wings and embark on a journey to new lands — short or long, near or far, low-budget or big, that’s all up to you, but the point is to go.

Choose to set yourself free from fear and doubt and excuses, and fly. Venture out. Explore.

Here are three reasons why travel will change your life for the better:

1. “Wherever you go, there you are.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

This may seem counter to what’s being encouraged because although you may try, you can’t escape yourself, you can’t change your address and expect all of your perceived issues to disappear. However, you can consciously choose to get out of your own way, to look within, reassess, renew and revive; travel will help you with this.

Travel creates space for introspection, and it will shake up your inner and outer circumstances and conditions. You will breathe in new smells, see new sights, feel new sensations and this changing of state is powerful. This external movement invokes change within you, and this shift inspires you towards a higher level of being.

Through travel, you will come to realize the absolute truth of the statement Wherever you go, there you are. And with this understanding comes a powerful connection to the world around and within you.

2. Change your perspective, change your reality.

When you shift your view of the world around you, you inevitably open your mind, your eyes and your heart to new ways of being in the world. Traveling to new neighborhoods, communities and countries allows you to experience new cultures, new and different ways of showing up, of experiencing life.

People throughout the world prioritize, focus and live very differently, and these differences are so beautiful. These differences make up our collective human experience, and the more we come to know different cultures, differing belief systems, values and life circumstances, the more we see that we truly are all in this together — we realize that all of us, underneath the perceived differences, are the same.

We realize that we are all seeking happiness; we are all searching for love, connection and understanding. Travel opens our hearts to our similarities, and breaks down the walls of mistaken separation.

3. Fear edges out freedom, freedom edges out fear.

Fear is the killer of dreams and curiosity. Fear will always have us play small, encourage us to shrink and conform. Travel is an incredible way to begin to break free from those chains.

When we face fear, allowing ourselves to feel it, while consciously, intentionally moving through it by taking that one step and then the next, and then getting on that plane or heading out on that road trip, a freedom arises within us, and soon we find the fear has subsided, or possibly the fear has turned into fuel to motivate and drive us further along our path, towards more truth, authenticity and awakening.

Travel, a change of scenery, doing things we wouldn’t normally do and going places we’ve never been before, creates space within us to see more clearly, to feel more fully, and to focus on freedom rather than fear. So, my fellow traveler, where will you go? What adventures will you seek? Where will you allow your curiosity to take you?

Set sail, spread your wings, set aside any excuses, reservations or hesitations, and choose. Choose to move forward, to explore, and to travel this great, big, beautiful world, because this is life after all — it’s happening, so we might as well live it well, courageously, fully, completely.

Go, and let travel lead you home to your own true and beautiful self.



CatOConnorCat O’Connor is a lover of the written word, inspired thinking, speaking and sharing, Saturday nights, Sunday afternoons, and Yoga… oh yes, Yoga. Look for her in used books stores or out-of-the-way coffee shops, on solo or family adventures, and when in doubt, on her Yoga mat. For Cat, writing isn’t an option. It’s therapy. It’s sanity. It’s purpose. She truly and humbly hopes that what she shares here stirs something in your mind, heart and, wouldn’t it be magic if it stirred just a little something in your soul? You can find Cat on Instagram.


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