The Key to Opening Humanity: Embrace the Broadcasts.


We spend our lives seeking cures and cursing causes, craving progress and enduring pauses.

How often do we ignore broadcasts? We hear something transcendent and reject it because its source eludes? Yet each message contains the passage we seek to the places we peek in silence and solitude. Our response reveals our alienation from the world at-large and within. We resist because of unbelief. Else we would embrace broadcasts, indifferent to their origin. Those who do are few and influential.

We seek these when things sink us, unconscious of our connection to the same source. This source desires to serve others through us just as others serve us through it. Yet we must embrace our connection to embrace broadcasts. Embracing means honoring urges occasionally contrary to our incline.

It also means recognizing claims of omniscience embedded in our resistance, and yielding accordingly to what broadcasts suggest. We resist these suggestions until we accept our connection to something greater than ourselves, though it is of ourselves.

We don’t have to name it to know it, nor must we understand it to use it beneficially. On the contrary, embracing our connection enriches our experience and expands our awareness. Maintained, casts become clearer and broader together until we cease to see ourselves as separate and scattered. Only then can we understand the statement that, politically speaking, signaled abatement of human rights.

Metaphysically, however, Louis XIV was right in saying, “I am the State.”

We likewise are the world. We are connected to it at least more so than we imagine. Broadcasts come to renew this knowledge and to restore our connection. Rightly received, we experience reconciliation. Reconciliation recommends enlightened religions and esoteric teachings. Yet each heralds the same truth, namely, alienation deceives and unity prevails despite our claims. Hence our disdain of division.

Division denies what we feel instinctively and yearn for deeply, though we resist it politically. Even so, we routinely sense our connection to something greater than ourselves. We experience it as separate only because of ignorance and circumstances.

Yet this bond is too strong for us to disown. In fact, we struggle daily to find the cable that would restore our service. Our lives are offline and ill-led until we do. That’s why success alone won’t do. Success merely confirms our connection, it doesn’t restore it. Maybe that’s why Shakespeare acknowledged immortal longings, which not even death could destroy.

Shakespeare’s longing illuminates our hunger to be bigger than we are, bigger even than the success we envision. In this regard, broadcasts compel until we comply or deny our connection.

By compliance we gain entrance into stations wherein broadcasts occur. Some people call these stations intuition, others imagination and vision. Whatever its name, our response determines our radius and our range. We must, however, embrace feeling strange because we can’t name what we feel as we adjust to stations and the awakenings they inspire.

If we are faithful, we will be taken into stations more enlightening. Therein we will hear stories in the making before they are taken to the airwaves, conventionally speaking. These stories are taped in advance but broadcast as live events when we embrace them. That’s why visionaries, seers and sages occupy ages. Because of them, we achieve what we wouldn’t otherwise.

We also learn to embrace what we routinely reject, namely, life beyond the limits our boundaries set. Contemporarily, this life lives in technology. The time is coming, however, when broadcasts will surpass this base and its boast. Doing so will awaken new tendencies, talents and temperaments to feed the human family.

Moreover, genius as a term will re-earn our regard, no longer being reduced to IQ’s and incomes. We will view it rather through new eyes because of the new age we inhabit. Herein fear will cease to inhibit. Fear won’t be banished, but we will be furnished more ably than we are to resist its oppression. Historically, ages that embraced broadcasts were branded golden because of what they opened in human beings.

Fear defiled these ages. Yet something greater prevailed, compelling inhabitants to honor urges until fear receded and broadcasts completed their message. Though ill-defined, their force transmuted losses and promoted progress unprecedented. Consider the enlightenment, and its abatement of ignorance and superstition. In this regard, some periods are presents to posterity.

Ours can be likewise when we learn to embrace broadcasts.


joelbryantA former corporate trainer and university lecturer, Dr. Joel Bryant is an avid reader, writer, speaker, thinker and dreamer. He is also the author of over 40 books on various topics, each exploring themes of change, growth and greatness. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UNC Charlotte, where he spent five years lecturing in the Philosophy Department. He resides in Charlotte, NC.


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