Reclaim Your Creativity.


We are all born as true creators. Every single second, every single day, we create our own lives.

Every thought we have, every word we say, every action we take, and every single emotion we feel, comes alive because we make it so. Creativity is programmed into our genes. It is the driving force behind the entire human evolution, pushing us ever forward into new ways of thinking and new ways of doing. It has brought us all the way from being simple hunter-gatherers to where we are today.

Creativity that flows through us is the life force itself, being manifested in myriad ways through each and every one of us. For without us, it is merely a potential, awaiting to come into being through our actions, words and ideas. And so it continues to make its presence known to us.

When we are young, this urge to be creative and to be curious seems unstoppable. It is simply a natural way of life for us. But for some reason, when we grow up, we start to close the door to our own creative space. We no longer allow ourselves the joy of creating consciously, we are too busy making a living.

But the flow of creativity cannot be stopped. And so, the gift we are being given every single days lies there unclaimed by us. As time passes, the pressure from this untapped potential continues to increase, creating a sense of frustration and discontent.

We feel as if something vital is missing from our life, and so we try to fill the void with a new sofa, a new job, a new partner or anything else that might alleviate the symptoms for a while. But the relief is short-lived, and it adds little except more concern both to ourselves and to the planet we live upon.

Most of the challenges facing mankind today exist because we made them. And only when we become truly aware of the creative force we are connected to can we create a lasting change. One that will benefit not just us as individuals, but this entire planet. For when we become conscious creators, we begin to realize that every single choice we make every single day is what makes up this world we live in.

And the more we allow ourselves to consciously interact with this life force, the more creative we all become in the right sense of the word. Then, we begin to focus on finding the solutions to all our challenges instead of continuing to create more of them.

There is no power like the creative power we all carry within us. It is powerful enough to drive us into the ground if we do not listen to what it is trying to tell us. But it is also powerful enough to allow us to move mountains if we dare to set it free.

If we choose to continue to let fear govern what we create, we harm not just ourselves, but the entire planet. But if we start to create from love, nothing can destroy the world we help breathe life into.

What will you create today? What will you think, do or say? Will it be something that adds more life to your life? Will it be something that makes your heart sing? Chances are, it if does, it will make the rest of the world shine a little bit brighter too.


BenteAmundsenAfter many years working in advertising, Bente Amundsen embarked upon a spiritual journey. She closed down her business, sold her apartment, gave away most of her belongings, and started to ‘live’. Along the way, she opened up to her sacred Self and began to share her true gifts with the world. As Aisha North, she has channeled countless messages, both in words and paintings, during the last six years. Bente is passionate about inspiring others to reconnect with their own creativity. She writes about this and related topics on the Norwegian blog she has co-created with her twin sister Lisbeth. In addition, she teaches a Free Flow watercolor technique that she developed through her work as a channeler in her home town of Oslo, Norway. You can see Bente’s channeled work at Water Speaks and Channelings and words of inspiration.


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