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We Create Our Lives from a Place of Emptiness.


My quest has all been about creating the life I want to live, and the self I want to be from the inside out, and revealing what has always been within; to be free from operating from conditioning, wounds, life debris, unmet needs, limiting beliefs and the desires of my shadow.

It has been a quest of claiming back treasures, as well as clearing, surrendering and emptying what is not mine or necessary, so that I can then create from this place, unhindered. I have needed to often do this alone, with external support, but ultimately alone. We can only take this journey of reclaiming our selves and freedom alone. But we can walk alongside others as we do so.

Relationships can be an important part — sometimes a harmonious support and shared magical learning experience, or sometimes a difficult but valuable growth curve.

I have found the emptiness along the way to be quite uncomfortable at times. Anxiety can creep in. Old stories can creep in. Outdated habits can try to fill the space. But it is in our aloneness, stillness and connection with our ultimate inside truth that we can move forward under the direction of our heart-fire, from the roots of love, once we have uprooted what is rooted in fear.

We can access, in our emptiness, our deep inner knowing underneath the dramas of the mind and the traumas of the past. Then we can find a space to truly create our lives from.

When we have emptied out (at least some of) the crap, we can also paradoxically then find fullness from revealing our true self and deep inner love and connection to all of existence, and fill and create our life from that source.

Emptiness is space. Emptiness is potential and possibility. Emptiness is pure.

We need emptiness to find our essence, our innate gifts and our deepest soul-longings. We can fill the void we create in our process unconsciously with whatever happens to come in from outside, or we can fill this magical space of emptiness intentionally, from the inside out.

Alchemy is needed for the transformation process, and alchemy is only possible by containment — to hold the process within. The less that can leak in or out, the purer gold or treasure that is alchemized.

If we don’t create and guard this sacred space and keep filling it in from the outside, we won’t ever reach the treasure in the center that lies in the dark deep cave within.

We need to create ourselves from our own intuition and from our own being, not from expectations from society or anyone else. Our society is obsessed with product and form. We need to be present to tap into the gifts that we want to express, from our own uniqueness, without the sway of others.

Let’s not create to please others. We are not here to save or serve the world. We are here to feel it within ourselves so that from that place we can then unleash into the world our greatest gifts at their very best, from the most sustainable and strong place.


louisalamornaphillipsLouisa Lamorna Phillips is a Freedom Writer at Wild Magical Freedom, and shares excavated treasures and adventures throughout her quest to live her own Wild Magical Freedom, here and now. She offers resources, tools, coaching, courses, classes, workshops, Yoga, shamanic healing and retreats to empower people to own their past and free their future… to be their present. Follow Wild Magical Freedom on Facebook and Instagram.


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