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The Healing Potential Between Peace And Boredom.


The balance between peace and boredom is a liminal space of possibility. The healing potential between these polarities is often unrecognized.

We speak of shadow and light, we speak of good and bad and the non-dualistic nature of life. Still, most of us, including myself, forget to harvest the potential of this questionable place. I stand as witness to the world around me as we unknowingly reach for the paths of most resistance.

I see a fear that creeps in when I am in a state of peace, and it is one that there must be more to life than this.

Perhaps this is not true peace. Some may argue that real peace is lasting, and in the caverns of my heart where stirring possibility flutters, I see both as true, for peace can wear many shades of white, and permanence is only in its fullest expression when we do not equate it to stability. In these moments of peace, I feel the expansiveness of my nature breathing life into all that is dying around me.

I am comfortable in the cycles of life and death. And yet somewhere along the way, I begin to experience a sense of boredom with this state.

I believe we are continually expanding, and that the process of waking to our true nature is not a one-time experience. With this, there often comes a boredom that I see many of my sisters and brothers experiencing on this path to wholeness.

We are creatures of evolution that have evolved to continually seek the expanding experiences that newness can provide. The reasons why we are always switching things up, seeking pleasure, searching for something either outside ourselves or within ourselves, is because we are actually flowing with the gift of expansion that we are given.

A lion does not pause and await his own death once he has made a kill and is sufficiently nourished. A bird does not permanently land because she has reached the highest vantage point. Both return to the cycles of hunger, creation, birth, and death once again when the peace has worn off.

I ask, dear ones, why are we reaching for a place where this feeling of worn off is gone? Why do we believe that we are not in our fullest potential when we are experiencing our human nature of expansion? Why do we judge our cravings for newness as wrong, as if we have somehow failed on our paths if we are not satisfied?

Peace and boredom are too often seen as different. But what if we could experience deep inner peace while seeking expansion? We experience bliss in one moment of pause, and the next may be filled with longing. This is not a problem, and it is not something that must be fixed. Longing is only an expression of our soul desiring to fulfill its personal mission on this earth.

I am personally experiencing a period of my life in which I am constantly in this state of boredom/agitation and also deep surrender and peace. Paradoxes have been a part of my exploration through this world ever since I can remember, and I am learning that the duality of peace and boredom is not talked about enough.

There are many lessons in boredom, including learning to find what has us truly excited and passionate. The balancing act of finding peace in the quiet and listening to the cravings that our soul is stirring, whether that be travel, exploring new lovers, tapping into our intuitive gifts, or finally learning that instrument.

Boredom is a sign that listening and pausing is necessary, even when that may be the last thing we want.

Once we start to reach for that same thing that has given us a high (and I don’t mean drug use, or anything necessarily negative, this could also be that Yoga class that once fueled you or a devotional practice you used to thrive on, or a relationship or a way of eating) we are prone to sinking into a depression fueled not by our soul’s path to expansion, but by the parts of us that are longing for the peace and security of stability, of counting on the one thing that was supposed to always have us feeling grounded and supported.

The beautiful, painful, confusing and also expansive nature of humanity is that there is not one thing that will serve as the most perfect platter of peace at all times. We are shifting beings. And as much as I, along with many others, would like to think we have accepted this, we come to see boredom greeting us time and time again, at which times peace is no longer seemingly accessible.

This is a time of accelerated growth. A time in which each day can bring forth revelations about our daily life that we desire to change. All of these changes are completely valid and perfectly crafted by our Higher Selves in order to expand our wings into our soul’s purpose. And still, coming into resistance is also a part of this path.

This is in part because many of us desire for change to happen now. We want to break the lease, quit the job, completely abandon any commitments and embody our liberated essence now without looking back.

What if we could have the awareness that shifting is necessary and hold the intention that it will happen? What if we could live into the changes happening within us without judgment that we are not doing it now?

Instantaneous healing does not mean that instantaneous results will be visible or tangible. Instantaneous shifting and healing comes with understanding that within boredom, agitation, and a desire for change is only the beginning. The medicine needed is deep listening, along with allowing small shifts to grace our awareness and relishing in the changes.

Peace can be found alongside of boredom in this way. Peace can be accessed through a celebration of expansion. Peace is already a part of the process your higher self and soul is carving out for you. This is the process of grieving who you once were in order to live into the one you are becoming.

We are, unfortunately or fortunately, a species of continual evolution and multifaceted experience and emotion. We are able to experience a multitude of sensations and feelings within the same moment, for better or for worse, as this is our divine human blueprint. This means that peace is a state that we are able to exist in even in boredom, sorrow, anxiety, and depression.

It is all a part of the same swirling life force that brings us closer to our expanded selves.

There is a greater peace that can be found in finding the path of ease during these times. Simplicity and small changes can have a profound effect on the anxieties of the seeker, as I have seen in myself.

All will change and all will shift in the exact time that it is meant to, and force is not always a necessity.

Lean into the peace, dear one. You are whole as you are now.


Emma Elisabeth, also known as Cardinal Muse, is an activist for Remembrance. She is a Divine Feminine revolutionary living into reclaiming wholeness. As a creatrix of multitudes, she weaves writing, oracular work, earth-based wisdom and non-dual teachings to guide herself and those around her towards living a life of Embodied Liberation. You can find her on Cardinal Muse or on Instagram.


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