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Forgive Me Not, Father,


Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.

My sins: Against the patriarchy.

In defiance of the pyramid structure: in family, corporate culture and suppressed society, which places the construct of you — Father, Man, Male — at its highest pinnacle.
A man-made world.

Father-Mother-God, divided. Discarded. Distorted. Discriminated between… Separated.

When support was traded for suppression, our leveled service fell, not from grace, but from balance. Harmony destroyed. Banished from your garden of Eden, you tried to replace me. Reduce me. Demonized me. Sold me out with stories:

The man and his rib-bone wife!

The sneaky snake, causing all the world’s strife.

“Thou shalt not eat the apple, thou shalt not seek truth out,

Obey my commandments, never question, do not doubt.”


A world that fears fire,

of burning and damnation,

God’s judgment day is coming,

follow him, he’s salvation!


It’s Black vs White: which side are you on?

Do you want to be right, or will you be wrong?

Lives dedicated for our Father. To give to our Father. Receiving his ultimate sacrifice, his eternal gift: His forgiveness.
Forgive me, Father, Forgive me, Father…
… the collective mantra of a sick, twisted, sinful world that our Father created in his own image and likeness?

As above, so below.
So without as within.
In totality: light and shadow.
But no longer.

Now, we move toward His way, His truth, His light. But not the light of the fire. Anywhere but the fire! The pit of banishment. The place of damnation. Stay away, sinners! The divide is clear. Do not cross over.

Heaven vs Hell
Good vs Evil
God vs Devil
Man vs Woman
Mind vs Body
Clean vs Dirty

Sex becomes sin,

Pleasure must be forsaken!

Blood life force, disgusting?

It’s warped, it’s mistaken.

Are you a dirty fucking crazy slut or God’s precious virgin angel?
Mary the Mother, or Mary the whore?
If you’re with him, you’re against us.
Daddy or the Devil…

Man’s Father preaches forgiveness but perpetuates hate through duality. Insanity. Control contorts.

Deny parts of yourself! Suppress them! Reach outward and upward: all hail, our Heavenly Father! Save us, Father! Forgive us, Father!

To counter your control, Father, I sought solace in Goddesses. In acceptance, integration.

In reflection, I’ve cultivated a connected web of community, woven between women of birthright: Witches.

I burned at the stake, to rise up like the magical Phoenix that I am. From enlightened heights, the perspective gave clarity…

I saw terror in your children/sinners. Contorted into cages of their own judgment, huddled away from the fire. Caged angry animals, frustrated through fear, crippled by it.

Must fit in. Cannot step out of linear life. Should live life in preparation for death: Judgment Day.

Judged by the collective: Other. By Family, corporate culture, society, by God. By yourself.

Hear my call as I welcome you with a Hello from the other side.
Father-Mother-God as one entity in unity. Light of God, light of fire. One light. External, internal.
Freedom is found through fire. Allow yourselves to be purified by it. Burn away entrapments.

Worship Goddesses, for you are freed!
Unbound by the limitations of fear. By the impossibility of man’s perception of perfection.
Those who do not judge themselves cannot be judged.

Here we dance. We laugh. We fly.
Rise now, Witches, rise!
You she-devils, come out to play.

Forget the second coming, sisters, we’ll come again and again in multitudes… orgasmic.
Blood-dripping, sex-smelling and singing of freedom.

No curses, no spells, but free from forgiveness. Father-Mother-God.

Forgive only yourself. From your shame, your guilt, your self-loathing, your anxiety and fear that you ever chastised yourself with, begging another, praying to a construct, for what belongs to you and was only ever yours to give and to receive.


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