What Story Does Your Pain Tell About You?


As I begin to work with my client, I can feel the power of Reiki flowing through my hands.

I align myself with love, holding the intention that my client’s body will reveal to us any suppressed emotion or memories, ready to be released. Feeling guided to place my hand on my client’s back, I begin to connect with the tension carried there. Gently I begin to palpate acupressure points around her spine, holding the intention of breaking up the energy.

Slowly her body succumbs to the pressure and begins to talk. Emotions of anger combined with deep sadness consume me. Being an empath, I welcome the emotions. This gift allows me to ask the right questions and guide my client towards healing. Grounding deep into the earth, I begin to hold space for the story to unfold.

We all carry stories within our body. Every life experience is recorded within our nervous system. Some of these experiences are traumatic, and if we are unable to process them at the time, they become suppressed and will eventually create dis-ease. Finding our way back to the source of our pain requires patience, introspection and self-compassion. It requires us to step out of our head and into our heart.

It is from within this space that transformation can occur.

Our stories disguise themselves through several different sensations within our body. Burning pain surfaces as a sign that there is anger or resentment suppressed from past experiences. Tension carried within the body can be a sign of carrying others emotionally. When you are able to let go of who or what you are carrying, the tension will subside. Trust and surrender play a role in the release here.

Numbness can be your body’s way of letting you know that at some point in your life, you shut yourself off emotionally. Some previous event was too difficult to feel. By tracing the pain back to its story, true healing can occur.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. Here is an exercise you can try at home that will help you discover your own story behind the pain:

Take a minute to scan your body from head to toe. Observe within yourself any areas of pain, tightness, burning, numbness or weakness. Slowly breathe into this area of your body and really sit with any discomfort that may be there. Gently massage the area, muscle or organ, and notice if any emotions begin to surface. Write down your observations, and anything else that may surface for you.

When this feels complete, gently come back to your body and tune in to your breath. Can you feel it? That is your life force, your essence. This energy is extremely powerful. This energy is unconditional love, and it can transform all pain. Begin to direct your breath into the area of pain. As you inhale, visualize filling this area with unconditional love. As you exhale, visualize releasing any emotions that may have surfaced.

Continue to work with this cycle of breath until the emotions subside. Allow yourself to become the observer, and allow the energy to move through without judgment or attachment. To close this exercise, see that area within your body completely sealed and surrounded by love. Come back to this exercise daily, or until your symptoms disappear.

In time, your body will reveal to you the story behind the pain and you will transform with love.


Andrea Kehler is a registered Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and certified Angel Card reader. She combines her knowledge of both Eastern and Western Medicine in her practice as well as her gift of intuition. Having walked through the effects of sexual abuse herself, Andrea now offers tools of healing and guidance to others. She has years of experience supporting clients through trauma, empowering them to find their voice. You could contact her via her website.


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