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Cultivating a Soul.


It requires extraordinary, sustained feats of inner strength to cultivate a soul. Cultivating a soul is the same as cultivating a life.

By means of desire, of wishing for something, the longing for God slowly awakens. If there were no desire, there would be no challenges, and without challenge there is no way to cultivate the depth of a directly lived, conscious life.

Directly lived, conscious life is like cold water. After the unpleasant shock of cold water changes, there’s a lingering warmth that satisfies the nerves. Everything seems to be that way: at first painful, then pleasant, or at first pleasant, then painful. Yearning for the other side of the face of your experience is no longer yearning — it is a rejection of yourself, a disavowal of the innocence of incarnate existence.

God is a miracle because it is like a faraway star you can reach, a planet that you can hold, a sky that you can kiss. She’s the miracle of infinite fertility utterly awake, alive as the endlessly engorged throb of our seemingly slumbering earth.

Beholding with the mirror of your heart the infinite wonder of life-in-real-time, your desires don’t vanish away, like a shadow illuminated by the light. Instead they linger, and slowly, very subtly, start to become more and more alive, imbued with the blessing of creation. Just like a mother feels looking at her newborn baby.

We are like children, perpetually incarnating, constantly in awe of our bodies, people, the world. There’s a throbbing profundity always, effortlessly alive. Everyone, without exception, has intuited the immortality of the soul, and has lived there for a time, whether they realize it or not. Constantly reflecting the perfection of incarnating Nature, everyone adores and feels the sanctity of children.

What we completely protect with our own lives is sacred. Yearning, stayed with, immortalized by love, is an endless path of freedoms mysterious and striking. By yearning, the secret powers of life are restored.

Don’t yearn for light, yearn for something you have yet to know. Yearn only and completely for the unknowable, for the vanishing sunset, the breathless mystery of  yet another but not promised softly glistening dawn; the night sky vanishing yet again into the perpetual fire of sunlight whose comfort is also not promised.

Cherish pain and pleasure like mercury and gold. Melt them with those mysterious powers you hold locked away inside you. Make them God. By cultivating a soul, any ordinary effort directed toward your life is lit on fire with total willpower. Those who draw their powers from within, and consistently, with discipline whose nature is infinite like a child, taste the juice of freedom from the fig of every moment.

To speak of a soul is senseless, to live as one is beyond any price.

No matter who you are, a dishwasher, a drug addict, Harvard graduate, or a mystic, the hidden powers of incarnation are there lying dormant inside you — perhaps between your eyes, at your heart, the base of your spine or between your legs.

She is waiting for any man or woman daring enough to love her and fill her with the romance of your fleshy yearning for truth, for freedom, in the Mystery of this life and the ever-beyond.


Jonathan Fuentes (Kavi Bhava) lives on the Florida Gulf (mostly in pajamas) inside and RV with his muse, spiritual playmate, and lover. He practices Soto Zen in the spirit of Shunryu Suzuki since he was 15, and also Tantra in light of the yogic lineage of Swami Kripalvananda. Dropping out of Community College after a semester, he’s been a licensed body-worker for the last three years, and is currently studying Ayurveda. His greatest passions lie within the realms of spiritual practice whose poetry is the erotic mystery of ordinary life.


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