New Moon and Retrogrades: Follow the Path of Your Spirit.


With multiple retrogrades this last month, a New moon, and still many different energies flying around, these last few weeks have been a barrage of thoughts and feelings, ranging from really high to really low.

You may have wondered, “What the F is happening?” One week you feel confused, overwhelmed and just down, the next clear, and ready to move. These are the energies in our planets, the shifts of our consciousness, and the wavering times we are in. These are old wounds, old thoughts, and old habits making their way out of your spirit. Releasing the old, to allow the new.

But it can’t happen all at once, there is a process, otherwise it would be too much all at once. You may have been feeling a void, a sense that something big has left you. Maybe you are very conscious of this, maybe it’s just a feeling. Either way, something has been shifting. It’s been a time of shake it up! What you once thought was your path, may have just been a lesson.

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These three cards all indicate that you are being guided towards a new and powerful you. That you have been trying, trying and trying again to find your life’s work, your passion and your purpose. You have the guidance you need to fulfill this part of you. These energies that came to shake things up, although uncomfortable, did so in order to get you where you wanted to go.

You may not be there yet, but you can feel that something big is happening.

The Divine Director is here to tell you that divine intervention it taking place right now. What is occurring in your life is providing a real learning curve for your soul. You are becoming more and more aware of a sense of purpose. It is something that brings you joy, not something you work for. Your awareness of this may just be a beginning, but know that you are on the right path, and being encouraged to move forward.

Kuthumi is here to tell you that the knowledge is learned. Wisdom is remembered. You are in a real cloak of wisdom now. You have been wandering, trying to find answers and insights, but now you are uncovering the truth of your own soul. Your soul is leading the way, and you are being encouraged to follow. A fog is clearing! Follow and trust the endless wisdom within you, it’s time to go.

Horus is here to remind you that you have the ability to manifest miraculous experiences. Your thoughts, words, and actions are like magnets drawing the energy that creates and cultivates your world. Keep in the vortex of joy.

These first two cards are about what has been happening in your world, and why it’s happening. The last card, similarly, is a powerful reminder of what the above cards are speaking of, but in a more energetic sense. Seek, learn, process, release, and then send the energy of what you do want, out into the world. Focus on your vortex of joy, love and freedom.

Visualize the essence of what you want, and put it into your crown chakra. Trusting the Universe will provide the right thoughts, and the actions necessary to achieve it. You will make it through this, and emerge as a more powerful and whole person than you’ve ever been before. Just keep moving.


BeckyBecky Hernandez (The Misfit Yogi) is an intuitive healer, freedom writer, guided meditator, yogi and life experience seeker. She believes that all is magic, and magic is all there is. She is currently trying to embrace the path of most resistance. You could contact her via her website or Instagram.


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