The Gift of Your Genius. {poetry}


You are born with a genius.
Wisdom ways say,
each of us is born like that.
With a code written
in our soul;
a code,
more like a destiny;
a purpose,
more like a gift
delivered as you,
by you
to unwrap you,
show you
how to create
and translate
the soft,
rich, messy, gorgeous
insides of you —
the artistry of you —
the genius you were born with,
and give it all away.

As you probably know by now,
there would be no mythic, epic
story of you, no authentic
and soulful unfolding,
no reliable and sustainable delivery
of the genius encoded in you,
if that path just remained open,
if your sight of it remained
crystal clear,
if your grasp of your genius
never loosened,
and fell from your able hands,
if your heart didn’t break
and your losses didn’t seem endless,
if Trouble didn’t hit,
if you were not, at some point,
taken on a slow slide into slumber,
and if the seductive dark-light
of the old, familiar,
the all-too-comfortable,
safe and small
didn’t begin to come undone,
to unravel you,
ravish you,
wake you
the fuck up,
whisper to you:

“There is more than this.
Your trouble
is not your destiny.
It is a threshold
through which you are summoned;
either you will go willingly,
or the Fates may abduct you,
take the forms of terrible loss,
unexpected heartbreak,
a darkness that invades your life
seemingly from the outside,
and yet, arriving
as a mythic messenger
of the shimmering
place within you
where the gift in your genius
awaits your return.”

And even as bloodied and exhausted
as you are,
you can see through tired eyes
how Beauty has come
to walk with you,
to re-present to you
facets of your artistry,
re-introduce you
to the genius in you that you knew
when you were very young.
You can’t shake this genius loose;
your soul’s gift of purpose is devoted to you.

But maybe, you, like the rest of us,
lost track of your genius
when it fled, frightened
by woundings, trauma,
dizzying doubt and crippling confusion
making the bottom so foggy
you no longer saw the glimmer
of the genius
you were born with,
your gift sparkling in the dark.

So maybe you winged it;
rode the existential waves,
tumbled into depression,
bore the stagnant static of anxiety,
while addictions came for you
to alleviate pain, rise above,
and maybe go high enough
to contact spirit,
to quiet the endless echo
left in the wake
of the temporary absence
of your gift.

Your soul tried so hard
to stir your genius again.
But, for that time
in those dark woods,
you were lost to it.
I just wish you knew
the rest of us were there too,
in the caves, up the trees, in the holes
in the ground,
in the shadow of our own genius.

And we, like you, came to learn
that our soul’s genius
does not lose us.
That the gift in your genius,
your soul’s
encoded mythic purpose
stalks you endlessly.

Stalks you subtly,
sometimes dramatically.
Because your soul
will do anything
to call you Home
to the ground of your being
where your genius is planted,
inviting you,
often perilously,
but with a defining
intention to reclaim
your true nature,

to return your wild longing,
to the genius you were born with,
to what you are here for
to spread it thick and rich,
a one-of-a-kind healing balm
for the hearts of others
waiting and lost in those woods
you thought you’d never leave.

Turns out, you have come
to inhabit the soul of the world,
to serve it and romance it.
Yeah. It is that big.
And you are that needed now.

You are being
re-membered to your genius,
to your wildly impossible
gift to the world,
to this indelible,
unfuckwithable knowing:

you are at once the artist
and the unrepeatable art
of your soul’s true nature.

You are genius.


Melissa La Flamme is a visionary artisan of cultural evolution. As an author, poet, Jungian & shamanic psychotherapist and troublemaker, she kindles soul’s smoldering longing for everything real. She helps hack and track the smell of our longing to fully inhabit our life. She shows us how to enact our own prison break, from the inner and outer lockdowns we have unknowingly built. Melissa teaches the soul’s clandestine trade. The trade of the code-breaker of our one authentic life. The way of the Holy Hacker of our soul. The one writhing alive in our glistening, raving heart, vulnerable, ravished, undone and messy in a world where anything but is the safe way to belong. Visit her at her website, and on Facebook.


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