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The Hard Masculine Mask Is Not You.


Women, I want to tell you something. The Dysfunctional Masculine in you is not your true essence.

It is a mask that you wear. A shield.

Armor that you strapped on long ago to protect the young, vulnerable Feminine within.

The girl who was not allowed to grow into a full-blown woman. The softest part of you. That gentle, rambunctious, childlike little girl.

The world was a lot for her. It was hardened and callous. Rushed and overly structured.

So she began to create this mask for herself. She built a wall around her soft and vulnerable heart.

The wall may look like perfectionism. Never allowing for a chink in the armor. Humanity, mistakes, learning — these have no place inside the wall. They are not allowed. There is no darkness, no shadow, only light. Only achievement.

Only performance.

The wall may look like numbing. Constant running. Busyness. Alcohol. Food. Anything to prevent you from looking the raw vulnerability of your young Feminine in the eye.

The wall may look like pushing. Striving. Struggling. Proving yourself worthy to that never-fulfilled, never-satiated force inside of you over and over and over again.

All to overcome the fear of your little girl that she just simply isn’t enough.

So she must do and try and achieve at a frenetic pace until she no longer can. Until her body, your body, gives out from the insanity that you have ingested.

Lies that have been ingested as truth.

There will come a time when the patriarchal armor that you have put on to go out and muscle your way into the world becomes too heavy.

When that wall that you built to protect your beautifully soft and vulnerable heart begins to crush you and prevents your heart from expanding.

When you have forgotten that the mask that you put on was just that, a mask, and you leave it on too long and it starts leeching into your very essence and making you sick.

Remember my love, that all of those protections are not really you. Not a part of your true essence. They are the internalized patriarchy that you believed would save you. Instead, it is killing you.

Women, it is time we take off the false armor that does not belong to us.

It is time we muster the internal courage to look at our inherent vulnerability, and see that it is not something to be afraid of, but rather a piece of our humanity to celebrate.

It is time that we cultivate our own soul voice, the Wise Woman within, the Sovereign Feminine, the Queen, and trust that voice more than we have ever trusted anything else in our lives.

And it is time that we, as women standing in our fullness and power, extend a hand to the petrified little girl within and lead her down the path of true embodiment and integration.


Linda Katz is a writer, artist, Wild Feminine Life Coach and founder of Singing Bird Coaching. For the last several years, Linda has been on a journey of unearthing her own feminine soul, and now she helps guide others on their paths of becoming. By reclaiming the connection with your body, tapping into your true soul desires, and sharing your voice from a place of fullness, you will unleash your own Sovereign Feminine, your inner Queen. You can connect with Linda via her websiteFacebook, or Instagram.


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