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A Turquoise Reflection of Us.

I keep having a recurring memory of us. It’s actually more of a feeling. I keep flashing back to when we spent Christmas in Cancun.

I know you must remember it too — the day you were carrying me through the ocean. I was too weak to navigate through the hard rolling waves that day. I stood in the shallows watching you swim through the warm crystal-clear blue water.

At one point you swam back to me, and I said to you, “I can’t make it out there today,” to which you replied, “Don’t worry, I got you, honey.” You came and swooped me up in your big strong arms, and I wrapped my legs around you as you walked us back out to the crashing waves.

It all felt so good — the hot sun, the perfectly warm salt water that slightly stung my eyes, our warm wet skin pressed up against each other’s, the sound of the waves crashing all around us, the echoes of people’s joy that filled the air, and the way you looked.

There is something about the way in which the water brings out the deep colors in your skin and hair while at the same time making those sweet, beautiful light hazel eyes of yours glisten and reflect the world back to me.

Do you remember me holding on to you, telling you how beautiful your eyes looked? You must. It was in that ephemeral moment which felt boundless, because I could see my future behind those swirls of green and golden brown. When I see myself in the vision of your love, I realize how my heart beats stronger for you each and every day. You are an incredible man.

When we were out in the ocean, the waves were so strong they almost knocked us over, and it was making me belt out bursts of laughter. The kind of laughter that floods your entire system leaving the imprints of euphoric sensations. We were so happy!

At one point I rested my head on your shoulder for a brief moment while you were holding me, and I thought to myself that I have never felt so safe with another person as I did with you. Standing with you amidst the turquoise reflection, I knew how much I wholeheartedly and completely loved you, and it was in that moment that I knew how much I needed you.

This is only one precious recollection of our hundreds of shared intimate memories, moments and feelings that I hold within my heart. I like to envision us when we are in our eighties and our hair has grayed. We have that funky musky smell like old people do, and my wrinkled hand is able to hold your wrinkled hand, look into those familiar eyes, and share every single one of these cherished moments.

It’s the kind of stuff poems are made of, it’s the elements that this universe was built upon. It is us.


Kelly Graver is a student studying Psychology, Holistic Health, and Clinical Nutrition. Kelly is a deep believer in the healing power of nature. She strives to bring awareness to body, mind, spirit, and emotional well-being to gain a proper balance in life. In addition, Kelly is a writer, a truth-seeker, an all-around lover of life, and has a keen appreciation for humor. Laughter is something that comes naturally to her, and with it the ability to make others laugh too. She knows how to use laughter as a release from very uncomfortable or even painful situations. She recognizes that laughter and tears are very close cousins, which enables her to better understand and adjust to the human condition, something she wishes to share with and teach others.


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