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How to Overcome the Feminine Parasite of Shame.


A ravaging curse claims the egos of women with teeth sharp enough to cut through the gristliest of flesh.

Its daggers so relentless, it claws downward from our crown and splits our roots. Like a thick film, clinging to our insecurities while taunting us as we tire of scrubbing away the residue. It seeks out women, conspicuously craving the sweet selfishness of the feminine being. Fracturing our fortitude by feeding on any deep-seated insecurity it may muster.

This assault sucks our life force for its own gratification. The feminine-born urge to continually evolve and take on the world has been twisted, abused and forced against us.

Shame. Shame is the weapon of choice against the soulful feminine embodiment, invented by patriarchy to strip us of our power and fuel misogyny. Shame on women for not being enough! Shame on women for being too much! Shame on women for honoring their cycles, their emotions and their raw talents! Shame is the coiling twine that tightly bounds our feminine power, injecting doubt into our core.

It hollows out our instinct so that fear and embarrassment can supersede. It serves no purpose but to crucify the free spirit we hold warmly in our hearts and fearlessly between our legs. Appearing in many forms but always depraved and degrading, its goal is to keep us from soaking up the wonders of our environment. So common and extreme, our brains have been wired to even shame ourselves!

The cycle of shame must come to an end. Shame can’t feel the revolution coming, and it is near. Hear it rumbling beneath the surface like our detaching uterus lining during the Full Moon. No one can juggle the entire world while simultaneously smiling and smelling sweet.

We are warm-fleshed creatures with hearts that beat with natural rhythms; we are not cold metal robots that can be programmed with men’s selfish agendas.

Shame cannot exist in a village that supports women. Starting with ourselves, our true highest selves, we will no longer turn the blade to our hearts. We must share the inability to shame our fellow sisters, and instead be their spine when their center is thrown off.

We will not be the ones to shame our children into submissive fearful creatures, but will teach them to recognize their truths and respect their imperfections. We will starve out the monster created to destroy our psyche, our empowerment and our higher selves. Our failures will be honored as learning cycles, and the fear that shame breeds will not hinder the faith we have in ourselves.

We must disengage this indignity polluting our lives because these cancerous thoughts do not obtain the feminine awareness we are born with. It is beneath us. Try as it may to make us forget, mindfulness is written in our DNA, and women are resourceful creatures. Not only have we adapted to the dark, we have now embraced it.

We will no longer fear the mysteries hidden in the pitch-black night, at least no more than any we crave the light.

So rise up with me, sisters! Let’s join hands and create a protective circle so robust that shame cannot slip through. The waving of fingers in disapproval will not be tolerated in our future sphere. Our illumination will shine so brightly the misogynistic perception of perfection will burn to a satisfying crisp. This is our journey, and shame is not welcome in our club of truth.

Oh, like-minded women, those of you with un-manicured lawns and feral children who will sip tea with me in my messy home unafraid and not ashamed, call out loudly so I may find you. Let us share energy and condemn those who exacerbate the shame culture, and hold each other with exclusively encouraging accountability in our darkness as well as our light.


Elizabeth Syla is a wearer of many hats and as-of-yet master of none. When she is not spending her time with her handsome husband or wrangling in her three untamable sons, she is immersing herself into various creative outlets. Between picking up messes and wiping runny noses, she strives to carve out time to write, make art through diverse mediums, dance, and practice Yoga. Her talents include saying all of the United States individually in less than 30 seconds, and picking out the tastiest option on the menu.


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