Why We’re Stuck in Little Girl Energy.


Little Girls abound!

And I am not talking about actual little girls, but rather grown women stuck in old and worn out Little Girl patterns — for example, people-pleasing, over-functioning, porous boundaries, etc.

The majority of women are in Dysfunctional Masculine energy, Little Girl energy, or vacillate between the two.

But why is that?

Why do we see so few women embody feminine power and leadership?

The truth is that feminine power has been hidden for thousands of years. Patriarchy doesn’t want empowered women. Women who know that they carry their own truth, worth, and value within will invariably stop listening to the powers that be! We will no longer look for answers outside of ourselves. We will stop needing to work so damn hard to prove ourselves worthy to anyone else.

In short, we will become way more difficult to control.

Because true feminine power has been tucked away and not talked about, it was difficult for women to openly embody it. Instead, our definition of Feminine often became tied to those attributes that were perceived as weak or felt uncomfortably vulnerable.

The Feminine seemed to lack agency in the world. So many of us opted to align ourselves with the Masculine because we wanted more for our lives: more opportunity, more possibility, more open doors than closed ones.

And/or we became good Little Girls who made sure to color within the lines of the masculine power structure because that ensured we received our reward.  It also happened to be where we sourced our approval, validation, and protection.

When we begin to strip away the Dysfunctional Masculine that we inherited and absorbed from the culture at large, we often uncover our Little Girl cowering beneath all that armor. We bring her out into the light of day, exposed and raw, with nothing to hide behind any longer.

Sometimes we panic because she feels too soft and too vulnerable and totally unprepared for the world. We fall back into the old behaviors of numbing out our feelings with busyness or food or alcohol, attempting to conceal them even from ourselves, because it feels safer.

Or we believe the Little Girl is It. The Feminine. We have uncovered Her. Hallelujah!

So we stay there, in that dependent state. Not feeling confident. Not fully trusting ourselves. Continuing to source our worth and value externally, and not realizing we are only halfway there.

The Little Girl is your Feminine. But she is only the seed who is yet to grow or blossom into a full-blown woman.

She was placed in a dry cupboard a long time ago, without access to sunlight or water or the nutrients that she needed in order to thrive.

She is feminine potential that has yet to develop or mature. We tucked her away because we thought she was the part we needed to transcend in order to be somebody.

When we bring her out of that cupboard, we can’t just throw her out into the world and expect her to take root.

We need to plant her with care and diligence in deep and fertile soil. We ensure that she has everything she needs to feel safe and cared for. We nourish and nurture her, so that she may grow into the Wise Woman that she is meant to be.

The Wise Woman who sources her strength, power, and direction from within.

The Wise Woman who treasures her intuition and her feelings as her true guides, instead of looking out to see what she should be doing, how she should behave, and who she should be.

Here’s the thing to remember: we are part of the transition team. Transitions, by their nature, are messy. We don’t need to be, and won’t be, perfect Queens and embodied Wise Women all the time. We are aiming for greater awareness. Recognizing the Little Girl when she pops up and knowing that we have the opportunity to make a different choice.

The fact that so many women are embodying the Little Girl is really amazing. It means the process is well underway!

Little Girls are beautiful, feminine seeds strewn across the world, just waiting to grow into the powerful, sovereign women that we are meant to be.


Linda Katz is a writer, artist, Wild Feminine Life Coach and founder of Singing Bird Coaching. For the last several years, Linda has been on a journey of unearthing her own feminine soul, and now she helps guide others on their paths of becoming. By reclaiming the connection with your body, tapping into your true soul desires, and sharing your voice from a place of fullness, you will unleash your own Sovereign Feminine, your inner Queen. You can connect with Linda via her websiteFacebook, or Instagram.


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