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When Lilith Calls: Woman, Step into Your Fire.


“”Adam began to pray before his Creator, saying: “Master of the universe, the woman that you gave me has fled.” God sent three angels and said to them: “Go bring back Lilith. If she wants to come, she shall come, and if she does not want to come, do not bring her against her will.”” ~ Alphabet of ben Sirach…

… Once a source of fear, Lilith has been transformed into an icon of freedom. While some disapprove of this widespread embrace of a former demon, Lilith’s rehabilitation makes sense. The frightening character of Lilith grew, in part, out of repression: repression of sexuality, repression of the free impulse in women, repression of the question “What if I left it all behind?”…

… Lilith becomes a complex representation of our own desires.” ~ Rabbi Jill Hammer, Lilith, Lady Flying in the Darkness


I wrote this when I was tired of contorting. Tired of appeasing. Tired of nice. Tired of doubt. Tired of knots in my stomach.

Wild woman, where has your cleansing fire been swallowed? Does it burn you from within? Does it sit, clogged, in the pit of your guts? Where are you not showing up in your life? Who is your captor?

When we speak of destroying systems, is there a way to transform them from within, through stepping outside thought conformity and groupthink? Is there a way of embodying inquiry, questioning and fierce compassion in the spirit of shifting the background mechanics which operate our society in the ways that they do?

Embodying fierce love takes strength. Telling the truth takes walking through the fire. Becoming your truth is becoming the fire itself.

To embody a mentality of continuous questioning of what mechanisms already exist, which work to oppress many and benefit only a select few.

Question to what degree your own relationship to conformity is contributing to the oppression of others, and what contradictions in your own beliefs and actions you choose to leave unquestioned in order to bypass responsibility.

Search for those areas in your life you are living with limited freedom of self-expression. What does this fear feel like? Where does it sit in your body? What is happening when it is activated inside you? What does it take to release it?

In what areas does your thinking remain rigid? What do you have invested in these beliefs?

Whose agencies are we limiting through our own conscious and unconscious biases and agendas?

I wish to pulsate with possibility. I want to stand in the center of the fire and emit flames that burn away at the edges of falsity and disintegrate the core of the disingenuous. Let me embody the fierce sensitivity of life itself. I will rock the very foundation of the ground I stand on.

Meet me at the bridge where all worlds meet, or leave me where I stand.


Morgan Cataldo is a Policy Officer and Community Advocate by day and writer by night. She’s been through a lot in her first 29 years of life, and writes what feels urgent to her, in the hope that others will be moved by and may learn from her wisdom. You can contact Morgan via LinkedIn.


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