Life Is Art, And So Are You.

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People often comment, “Oh, I wish I was creative.”

Well, guess what, honey, you are. Everyone with a pulse is an artist.

Your every word and choice is sculpting your reality. Own it. Wake up each morning with the realization your day is a blank canvas, and you and only you can create a masterpiece out of it.

Here’s a bonus secret: there are no mistakes in art, and if life is art — which it most definitely is — then there are no mistakes in life either. Quit holding yourself hostage with externally imposed standards. Be ethical but be you, all of you: messy and glorious in your authentic imperfection.

Your worst days are still you, and you have no apologies to make — unless you really were a dick, in which case give your apologies with dignity and move on — but don’t allow others to guilt or shame you into compliance with their agenda, their idea of who you should be.

Art is not necessarily what you make. It’s not about impressing anyone. It’s about sinking down into the heart of your heart, becoming your own roots and wings, and living every moment you can from that home base.

Art will flow from that, whether it’s painting, writing, dancing, laughing and releasing those around you to feel their own joy, loving yourself as gently and deeply as your child or whoever your most sacred relationship is with, or even scrubbing the baseboards in your living room. Art is not a product. It is a way of living.

I have been criticized for my love of fantasy and being too much of a dreamer, but without dreams, there would be no beauty, no love, nothing grand or of lasting value. The seven wonders of the world were nothing but dreams once. The idea of a round earth was scoffed at and the dreamer of such a preposterous notion ridiculed until the rest of the world advanced and proved the dreamer right.

I will stand by my devout belief in magic and the impossible. This world needs dreamers with the courage to make dreams take tangible form. It takes courage to hold on to all you are in a reality of cramped frightened souls who would rather tear down those who rise than attempt to transcend their self-imposed limitations. Rise anyway.

There is no need to conform or rebel. Just keep defining your own path and walking it with bravery. You will be blind with doubt. You will crawl certain days. Keep moving and trust your inner compass. Trust you.

Life is sublime and devastating, but it doesn’t own you. It cannot break you. We come into and leave this world alone. If you know and accept and love you, that should be a comfort, not a terror. You always have a place in this universe. You always have you.

Life is art. Life is magic.

And so are you.


Former inhabitant of the island of misfit toys, Atreyä E. is a sojourner and scribe of life-flow, scattering heart-smiles in her wake like fistfuls of star-seeds — taking root in utter darkness and blossoming into beacons of illumination. She is navigating her path side by side with a daughter she marvels in every day and a circle of kindred souls: healers, explorers and philosopher-poets. Her self-governed purpose in life is to continually redefine her own authenticity which fuels the freedom to provide as much love and healing to the world as she can manage. Pax tecum.


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