Tangled. {poetry}


I’m writing this under the trees,
Where I feel most like me
Hoping to get to the most of you,
Hoping my love shines through

Shines through the pen and the paper
Shines through, to make you feel safe here

I’m not sure how we got caught in this trap
But here we are entangled, dangling from the limb
If you could, would you take this path again?

Would you lose your footing
And ignore all the signs?
Would you still hold the faith that our love is one of a kind?

Would you scrape your knees
And cut your wrist?
Knowing it was a dark road ahead,
With twist after twist

And, when we tripped in that trap and called it love
We pretended it was fate from above
But, would you trip again?
Or keep a keener eye?

Would you trip again?
Or replace your laughing hello with a smile and goodbye?

Would you trip again?
Because, I just want to tell you, I would.

It’s me and you dangling on this limb
And I’d trip over and over again.

Around every dark corner,
Through every screaming detour,
We get closer and closer to our heart cure

Because, somehow when I see you,
You feel like sunshine on my cheeks
And if you know me,
You know how much that speaks

Speaks to the love I have for you,
Speaks to the unconditionally true,
Speaks to the most of me, loving the most of you

I’ll dangle from this limb,
Until we’re too tangled to move
Until our love is too wild to be soothed
Until people don’t recognize where I stop and you begin
Until we stare courageously at every sin

I would trip and I would fall
And I still wouldn’t close my eyes
With me and you together,
We have nowhere to hide

So yes, if I could stand at the edge of that path
And know what a mess this would be,
I’d choose it every time,
Because this mess is you and me

You and me, and all of the pieces of our hearts,
Laid out on the floor
All wounds welcomed,
Like an opened door

There’s no facade
No fake applause
When we’re wrong, we’re wrong
And when we’re right, we’re right
Neither of us ever close to truly giving up this fight

We fight and learn
Love and grow

Feel the sting of the growing pains
Only a deeper love to gain

I’d trip a thousand times over
Even though we know, this isn’t any type of four-leaf clover

It’s more like a wild dandelion, on the side of the road
And in that wild mess, we’ve made our hearts’ abode

A wild dandelion floating on the breeze
And no matter the change of direction, our souls continue on, with ease

I’d trip again and again
And I hope you would too
There’s nothing in this life I would trade
For this journey of me and you.


Skye Schanzer uses her writing as an honest conversation with the world. She identifies with mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, and above all; human. She enjoys the lines created on her face from the laughs and tears of life and hopes when you read her writing it hits you where it counts and makes you feel a little more love and a little less alone.


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