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Synchronicity and the Twin Flame.


When we partner with someone who is a great catalyst for synchronicity, the quality of love vibration increases.

Diffracting outward, affecting everything within its vibrational reach. A ripple, emanation, of manna like no other. It is rare, potent, a concentrated dose of love. All the great love stories remind us of the power, danger and potential a pure synchronistic union has for humanity.

Everyone is taught love from an early age. Through one’s home life. Media. Entertainment choices. First love, great love, worst love.

How you love matters. 

The twin flame phenomenon is a synchronistic interaction. Increasing the intelligence of each other by observing and interacting on an intuitive quantum field. Powered by the synergy created from the merging of the fields of each partner, psychic phenomena increases, a more powerful level of synchronicity is revealed.

Think about how much the current mainstream paradigm tries so hard to break down love with a misguided ideal of beauty and perfection. Sexualized propaganda keeps porn a billion-dollar industry.

Where has the twin flame gone?

Buried deep within the subconscious lies this primal instinctual being. Where synchronicity reigns as a first language for the very creational force that uses this synchronistic field to help. Perhaps this place within the mysterious primal mind is what speaks to angels?

Trusting another person completely is key to entering a dynamic that creates an intense creative field such as the twin flame phenomenon. The dynamics are not subject to our human law. The interaction itself is above a field of judgment and order. It injects you, as you understand yourself, into a plasmic field of instant manifestation. This manifestation forms in the 3D field as a synchronization.

If we are awake and aware in the 3D, we will see the moment for what it is. A place to focus all of your attention. Everyday interactions with strangers gives us an opportunity for potential growth, even if just to show kindness in the direction of the other.

New Age programming would have us believe there is no other. Yet synchronicity happens within the other interaction. It is therefore fair to say that it could be very important to pay close attention to those who trigger us this way.

The twin flame dynamic between two people does not have to be a partnership as understood in the modern day sense. If two people have a compatible field, and they complement each other, this will act as a doorway into a field where they can explore together.

It doesn’t have to be a sexual relationship to be experienced. The sexual energy between twin flames is nuclear. Orgasms and sharing DNA benefits both exponentially.

If they can keep the stability required to grow, this can be an influencing energy for the environment around them.

Language teaches one how to see reality. Defining the binding matrixes. It carefully constructs one’s understanding of the space around them. Given this is a skill everyone has, it would support the notion that the more intimate a relationship is, the stronger the synchronistic twine. Opening both to the infinite possibilities of changing the dream.

Two lucid dreamers in a dream are better than one.


hillaryraimoHillary Raimo is an award-winning photographer and artist, founder of Love, Breathe for Earth (a project dedicated to aligning human love, art and meditation), author of Life According to An Unknown, eternal Earth Advocate, and Lover of Life. You could contact her via her website.


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